East Liverpool Police Reports

While on patrol Sunday afternoon, an officer was flagged down by a resident of Woodland Hills housing complex complaining of drug trafficking in a specific apartment, based on a high volume of vehicular and foot traffic to and from the residence. He was also notified later in the shift by the dispatcher that traffic at the apartment had picked up, and assisted by St. Clair Township Police officers, conducted a “knock and talk” at the apartment. They were greeted by Angel Potts, who was found to have an outstanding warrant and reported they could hear male voices and someone running up the stairs. Potts reportedly told officers there were two men upstairs but she didn’t know who they were. While standing in the kitchen, speaking with Potts, officers reported seeing in plain view a digital scale with white residue on it. The men upstairs were ordered down and when St. Clair K-9 Officer Chris Davis announced the presence of his partner, Axel, they both came down the stairs. Taquashon Ray, 21, Reynoldsburg, and Javon M. Sutton-Elliott, 26, Youngstown, were both charged with obstructing official business. Ray also had an outstanding warrant for an assault out of Franklin County and removed from his crotch a bag of suspected heroin. Potts was taken into custody for the warrant. She told officers the scale was not hers but showed them the location of drug paraphernalia in the apartment, with a used needle, burnt spoon and crack pipe reportedly found in her bedroom. All suspected drugs and paraphernalia will be sent to labs for testing, with additional charges pending, according to police, who reported Potts’ small children, who were in the apartment, were turned over to her mother.

Officers responded to Heights Manor for reports of an unresponsive female and found Trudi L. Higgins, 46, with shallow breathing and unresponsive, despite an officer yelling at her and giving her sternum rubs. As one officer tended to Higgins, another spoke with her 12-year-old daughter, who said her mother and the man she is dating were in the back bedroom and she heard slapping noises and asked the man if everything was OK. He said it was and went to the kitchen and got cold water she said was used to try and awaken her mother. The youngster told the man her mother needed medical attention, but he reportedly said she had just taken a Xanax and that he “gets the same way” when he takes them. The child called a neighbor to report what was happening and was told what to do until emergency personnel arrived. When she told the man help was on the way, he told her it was stupid to call for help and fled the apartment, police reported. Lifeteam ambulance arrived, and Higgins was administered five doses of Narcan but failed to revive, and she was transported to the hospital for further treatment. Her daughter told police she had seen a spoon fall from the man’s pocket when he bent down toward her mother and also saw brown powder come from her mother’s nose. Officers reported finding two “bongs,” a marijuana grinder, marijuana roaches, small baggies of marijuana and rolling papers in plain view, and in the bedroom, a container used to crush pills, a Crown Royal bag with four marijuana bowls, another marijuana grinder and a straw cut to size for snorting drugs. These items will be sent for testing. Higgins was charged with disorderly conduct/public intoxication.