Columbiana County Municipal

In Columbiana County Municipal Court, Lindsey P. Vanriper, 29, Avella, Pa., was bound over to the grand jury for a tampering with evidence charge. She is accused of concealing an item down her pants given to her by another person while in the rear of a patrol car during a traffic stop by the highway patrol on Oct. 30.

A Jan. 16 pretrial was set for Gary A. Shell, 21, North Market Street, Lisbon, charged with three counts of theft. Shell is accused of entering three vehicles on Oct. 7 and stealing from them. From an SUV owned by Daniel Hastings, Shell allegedly took a Ruger 380 magazine with six rounds in it. Then from a Toyota Tundra owned by Jeff Fisher, Shell reportedly took a knife set and a utility knife. Finally, from a Nissan truck owned by Tellez Construction, he allegedly took about $50 in change.

A Feb. 6 pretrial was set for Scott M. Anderson, 48, Deerfield, cited with OVI second offense and marked lanes.

A Jan. 23 pretrial was set for Ryan L. Bryer, 31, Votaw Drive, Lisbon, cited with OVI first offense and marked lanes.

A Dec. 7 pretrial was set for William P. Aldrich, 32, Jennings Avenue, Salem, charged with domestic violence for allegedly taking his son’s phone when he was not supposed to be on it, hitting the boy in the face with his open hand, grabbing him by the back of the neck and smacking him on the buttocks on Sunday. The boy reportedly had several red marks, swelling, bruising and a bloody lip.

A Jan. 23 pretrial was set for Camellia P. Taylor, 37, Votaw Drive, Lisbon, cited with disorderly conduct for allegedly being warned several times about her behavior while deputies were attempting to investigate a domestic dispute on Saturday.

Lavonne Simpson, 57, Maple Street, Salem, was fined $550, had her license suspended for 185 days and required to attend a three-day counseling program for traffic control device violation and physical control amended from OVI first offense.

Ronald F. Middleton Jr., 50, West Pidgeon Road, Salem, was fined $150, credited with a day in jail and required 30 hours community service for disorderly conduct amended from obstructing official business. Middleton was ordered multiple times to stay in his vehicle during a traffic stop on July 9, but failed to do so.

Bryce Tyler Stenger, 23, Tower Road, Salem, was fined $150 and required 10 hours community service for driving under suspension and violating rules involving turns at an intersection.

Robert L. Culp, 27, West Seventh Street, Salem, was credited with three days served in jail, required 20 hours community service and fined $75 for disorderly conduct after he was intoxicated while eating at the Ice Cream Parlor in Salem, refused to pay his bill, urinated on the floor inside the business and had the employees at the restaurant concerned he may have a gun on Saturday.

Essence L. Revely, 22, Youngstown, was fined $350 and had her license suspended for 180 days for speeding, marijuana paraphernalia and marijuana possession.

Ronald G. George, 22, Canfield, was fined $150 for lighted lights required amended from speeding.

Kacey A. Rohaley, 49, South Lundy Avenue, Salem, was sentenced to three days in jail and required 40 hours community service for driving under OVI suspension.

Bruce W. Ours, 29, Sherman Street, Lisbon, was fined $180 and required 25 hours community service for driving under suspension and a seat belt violation.

Christopher Bishop, 39, East Martin Street, East Palestine, was fined $180 and required 40 hours community service for driving under suspension, a seat belt violation and a license plate violation.

A Feb. 1 pretrial was set for Rebecca E. Lavalley, 36, North Market Street, Lisbon, cited with driving under FRA suspension and a seat belt violation.

Caroline Little, 60, Failor Road, East Palestine, was fined $50 for wrongful entrustment.

A domestic violence charge against Curtis A. Peeples, 37, Water Street, Salineville,was dismissed due to evidence problems. Peeples had been accused of harming Alice Bivens on May 19.