St. Clair Township Police Reports

Officers were called by Sandra Adkins, Moore Road, who reported her son had taken a lot of Ativan pills and was having medical problems due to the overdose of medication. Lifeteam paramedics were on the scene when officers arrived and said a prescription bottle for her son, filled three days prior with 60 Ativan, now contained only four pills. He was transported to the hospital.

Timothy M. Coleman, 55, no address listed, reported a man he knows shot at him several times while he was at the swimming hole in Fredericktown.

James Campbell, McDonald Street, complained of the neighbor’s dog barking constantly, saying if something wasn’t done, he would shoot the dog himself. The dog’s owner, Genine Knapkiewicz, told officers her dog is barely outside and that she has a long history of Campbell as a neighbor and them not getting along. She was given a copy of the township ordinance regarding barking dogs.

Tracy McCoy, 45, no address listed, reported she was with a man she knows who took her to an ATM. When she got out of the vehicle at the ATM, he drove off with her coat and wallet. The man, identified as Weston Meek, no age or address reported, told police he did not have McCoy’s belongings.

Police were advised by Walmart personnel Wednesday a person stole from the store then took off running. No other details were reported by police.