Wellsville Reports

Roy Larkins, owner of My Bar on Main Street, reported around 1 p.m. Thursday that one of his bartenders, a female, stole alcohol and money from his bar, and apparently had been taking money from the bar little by little. Larkins stated that he went to the bar July 27 to mark liquor bottles as to how much was in the bottles and also left $200 in the cash register. He said he went in the day of the report and found beer cans and bottles that he does not sell in his establishment, and also found evidence of drug activity in his bar, including baggies in the bathroom and the smoke room off to the side being used again. Larkins said he had tried to contact the female bartender, but got no response and she had apparently changed her phone number. He also said it appeared cameras were turned off at the bar during that time, and that only he, the female bartender and one other bartender knew the alarm code. The case is under investigation.

Police were called around 5:38 p.m. Thursday to a Center Street address regarding vandalism. Eric Wolfe reported that his a female relative kicked his van and broke the right passenger mirror off of it.

Police were called at 9:23 p.m. Friday to a Commerce Street house regarding an assault. Denise Resanvich told police that she and her boyfriend got into an argument and he reportedly threw her down, scraping her knee. The boyfriend was not at the house upon officers’ arrival. Resanvich was given a statement to fill out, but she declined on two occasions. She called a family member and went to stay at their residence for the night. Officers made contact with the boyfriend and advised him not to return for the night.

A Chester Avenue man reported around 2 p.m. Saturday that his 13-year-old daughter, who now lives with him, reported seeing a known male drive a vehicle past the residence. The known male reportedly has a sexual assault case pending against him in East Liverpool. A description of the vehicle was provided.