‘Knock and talk’ results in arrest

EAST LIVERPOOL — City police officers and agents from the county drug task force conducted a “knock and talk” at 2204 Ohio Ave. Friday afternoon regarding numerous complaints about suspected drug activity at the residence.

Patrolman Jake Talbott went to the rear of the house as officers began knocking on the front door, reporting that he saw a small window on the back of the house open up and an arm come out, throwing a baggie containing a brown substance.

He said the bag went over a hillside into a thicket of vines and tall weeds as the man went back into the house, and Talbott radioed to the other officers that someone was trying to destroy the suspected drugs.

This prompted the other officers and agents to enter the home, and a man tried to climb out the window from which the bag was thrown, Talbott reported.

As the man tried to exit the window, Talbott recognized the same person who allegedly threw the bag outside. Other officers were able to reach him from inside before he escaped out the window and identified him as Damale D. Thomas, 26, from Cleveland.

Reports from the city police department indicated Thomas was arrested but did not specify the charge.

The house, owned by Matt Anderson, has been the subject of other searches by police in recent months.