East Liverpool Police Reports

Officers responded Saturday afternoon to reports of a domestic dispute on Wilbert Avenue, where they found Drew J. Eaton, 22, East Liverpool Road, in the parking lot. They found Kristen McKinnon, no age listed, crying at a neighbor’s, and she told officers Eaton had choked her while she was holding their child. He was arguing with her over going with her dad for awhile when Eaton did not want her to, she reported. Eaton told officers he stopped as soon as he realized what he was doing and apologized. Neighbors told officers this is an on-going problem. Eaton was charged with domestic violence.

While on patrol, an officer saw a man sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle on Ambrose Avenue. He was familiar with the 21-year-old West Fourth Street man due to drug arrests and having been involved in a recent shooting. A short while later, the same vehicle reportedly turned from Ambrose Avenue onto Bradshaw Avenue without use of a turn signal and traveled south, going left of center across the double yellow line, into on-coming traffic. The officer initiated a traffic stop and found the man who had been in the driver’s seat was now in the rear passenger seat and James Bushman, 42, Commerce Street, Wellsville was driving, with a female passenger in the front seat. The 30-year-old North Street woman gave consent to be searched, but then said she was embarrassed as the pat-down search took place. The officer explained the reason for the search was a dispute she had had the previous day with her parents over Food Stamp and other assistance cards they were reluctant to give her, saying they feared she would meet Bushman and buy drugs. The officer reported the woman became agitated, wanting to leave. Bushman was cited for left of center and given warnings for the turn signal violation and for neither him nor his front seat occupant wearing a seat belt.

While en route to another call, an officer was stopped near Scotty’s Bar by Emily Smith, 34, no address listed, who said Ryan Pritt, 35, standing next to her, was drunk, asking officers if they would tell him to get into her car and leave. Officers did so, not knowing there is an active protection order in place for Pritt. He refused to leave, and officers told him he would be arrested if still there when they returned from the other call. Pritt was still there when they returned, highly intoxicated and refusing to get into the cruiser. Only after being threatened with a Taser did he get into the cruiser. He was served with an outstanding warrant for violating a protection order.