Crime Briefing

No cellphone found in Facebook killer’s car after suicide

CLEVELAND (AP) — Pennsylvania police say a cellphone used to record video of a Cleveland retiree’s shooting death that was posted on Facebook was not found in the killer’s car. reports officers didn’t find any electronic devices inside gunman Steve Stephens’ car after he led police on a 2-mile chase in Erie, Pennsylvania, and then shot himself dead Tuesday.

Cleveland police say they believe Stephens had two electronic devices during the Easter Sunday killing of Robert Godwin Sr. Such devices could help police learn more about his activities afterward.

Pennsylvania police have pulled data from his car’s navigation system to trace his steps leading up to his death.

Police have recovered a gun and 38 bullets from his car. They’re testing the gun to see if it’s the one he used in the killing.

Man cleared as suspect in officer’s shooting considers suing

COSHOCTON, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio man says being wrongly identified as a suspect in a police officer’s shooting has caused his family turmoil and he plans on suing the police department.

A statewide alert issued last week had named Chaz Gillilan, of Coshocton, as a suspect in an alleged traffic-stop shooting in Newcomerstown, about 100 miles (161 kilometers) south of Cleveland. Newcomerstown police officer Bryan Eubanks, 37, originally claimed that individuals stopped in a black Chevrolet Geo Tracker shot him April 11.

The Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s office says Eubanks made up the story to cover up an attempted suicide. Gillilan was in a holding cell for two hours before police let him go.

Gillilan told WCMH-TV he has a lengthy criminal record, but he says he would never shoot a police officer. He says people still treat him as if he was guilty, and his own mother second-guessed his innocence.

“She’s like, ‘Why would they pick you out of everyone?” Gillilan said.

Gillilan said he is now considering moving his family out of town.

“The whole world knows where I live,” Gillilan said.

Police say Eubanks was fired Tuesday. Eubanks, who filed the report of a gunshot in his arm as work-related, could face charges.

Gillilan and his wife say they are filing a civil lawsuit against both the Coshocton and Newcomerstown police departments.

Eubanks couldn’t be reached for comment. No home telephone listing could be found for him.