Wellsville Police Reports

Police were called around 4:57 a.m. Nov. 23 to a Broadway Avenue home regarding a disturbance, to which a known male stated on the police line that “there’s going to be a shootout.” Officers arrived at the home and noticed the man sitting on the front porch holding an object, which was determined to be a gun, with both hands, between his legs. Officers ordered the man, at gunpoint, to drop the weapon. The man reportedly first told officers they would have to shoot him and that he just wanted to die. After officers talked to the man for a few minutes, he did comply with the order and placed the gun on the porch railing. The weapon, which turned out to be an unloaded BB gun, was confiscated by police. The man was reportedly intoxicated, and stated he was arguing with someone at the house. An ambulance was called, but the man refused medical assistance so a “pink slip” was filled out. According to reports, the man was forced onto the stretcher and strapped down. The BB gun was taken to the station for evidence.