Columbiana County Common Pleas

Benjamin R. Phillips, 41, East State Street, Salem, was sentenced in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court to 16 months for burglary and ordered to pay $409 in restitution to Catherine Roth within six months of his release from prison. Phillips broke into Roth’s home on East Third Street, Salem, on Dec. 16, 2015 by kicking in the back door while Roth and her son were home and throwing a barbecue grill from the deck when he fled.

Phillip M. Roberts, 26, Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road, East Liverpool, was sentenced to 19 months in prison for two counts of illegal conveyance of a drug of abuse onto the grounds of a detention facility and two counts of possession of drugs. On April 4, 2015, Roberts took both clonazepam and diazepam concealed in his underwear when he entered the county jail. Then on March 10, 2016, Roberts had both heroin and fentanyl.

Jacqueline S. Snyder, 31, West Salem Street, Columbiana, stipulated to violating the terms of her probation and was sentenced to a definite six-month term at the Eastern Ohio Correction Center. Snyder was on probation for two counts of trafficking in drugs and two counts of possession of drugs. All four counts dealt with possessing or selling heroin.

Donald F. Edge, Jr., 39, Clark Avenue, Wellsville, was sentenced to nine months in prison for trafficking in drugs. Edge sold .12 grams of oxycodone for $100 within 1,000 feet of Garfield Elementary on April 14, 2105.

Jennifer A. Libert, 41, North Market Street, Lisbon, was found eligible for intervention in lieu of conviction for possession of drugs and permitting drug abuse. She was placed on a four-year treatment plan. In December 2015, Libert allowed her apartment on Market Street to be used for the commission of a drug offense. Libert was then found with less than five grams of cocaine on Dec. 21, 2015.

Richard A. Woodward, 46, Wells Avenue, Wellsville, pleaded guilty to non-support of dependents for not paying between Nov. 1, 2013 and Nov. 30, 2015. Sentencing is set for Jan. 30, when he faces up to 12 months in prison.

Trevor K. Heiney, 27, Haywood Street, East Liverpool, pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property for a Mastercard belonging to Michelle Sims he used on Dec. 25, 2015. He faces up to 12 months in prison. Sentencing is set for Jan. 26.

Paul A. Geisse, 44, Broadway, Wellsville, stipulated to violating the terms of his intervention plan on a possession of cocaine conviction and he was placed on community control with the same terms and conditions as before.

New Cases

Cach LLC vs. Brian Farnsworth, doing business as Farnsworth Engineering Co., $15,980 plus interest sought for alleged debt owed.

United Security Financial Corp. vs. Matthew R. Mason, et al., foreclosure sought for property on state Route 154, Lisbon.

James and Jill Barton, Canfield, vs. Thompson Electric, Inc., excess of $25,000 sought for alleged negligence for a utility pole placed by the defendant in May 2012 on top of or through a sewage line, which caused the line to back up overtime.

Docket Entries

Christina A. Phillips, Columbiana, vs. Eric P. Phillips, East Palestine, divorce granted.