Wellsville Police Reports

Officers responded to Independence Square for a possible domestic dispute and spoke with Donald Cane, 34, who they reported has no current address, and his 17-year-old daughter. He said the caller, Courtney Buckle, had taken off in a car but she had three pairs of his boots in her apartment and he wanted them back. Officers spoke with Buckle on the phone and she said he had physically assaulted her and threatened her, which Cane denied. He was advised to stay somewhere else for the night, and his sister from Rogers came to get him.

Responding to a report of a disturbance on the fifth floor of Shoub Towers, officers spoke with Bryan Z. Littleton, 52, who was rolling around and thrashing around on the floor in the lobby, apparently under the influence of a narcotic. He told officers he had only drank during the day, but they reported he was sweating profusely and having psychotic episodes. Littleton was charged with criminal damaging ad public intoxication then was transported by ASI ambulance to East Liverpool City Hospital for evaluation.

While on patrol at 2:21 a.m. on 10th Street Extension, an officer saw a disabled vehicle pulled off to the side of the road with its hazard lights flashing. The driver, Ryan J. Morgan of East Liverpool said he was driving when he struck something in the roadway which made his airbags deploy, causing his vehicle to be inoperable. The officer found tire tracks in the grass on the side of the road leading to his vehicle and a utility pole within the tracks which had been struck and cracked. He reported detecting the smell of alcohol while speaking with Morgan, who was given field sobriety tests and determined to be too impaired to drive. He was charged with physical control and failure to control and released to a family member.

Responding to a report of a man yelling and hitting vehicles at Gibby’s Mini Mart, officers saw Shane Carpenter speaking to a group of young people and he was pointed out by store personnel as the subject of the complaint. Officer called out for him, but Carpenter reportedly walked toward Clark Street where he got on his bicycle and road onto Davidson Alley. An officer caught up with him, but Carpenter turned around and went past the cruiser and continued to run from them until he was located at the trailer park on Aten Avenue. There, Carpenter reportedly denied being at Gibby’s Mini Mart and walked away from officers several times, yelling obscenities at the officers. They reported he tried to twist away and turn several times as they tried to handcuff him, and Carpenter was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing official business. They said he refused to get into the cruiser but was ultimately taken to the police station and processed.