Wellsville Police Reports

Courtney Wilson reported at 7:50 a.m. Oct. 16 the driver’s side window to her grandfather’s 2008 Buick vehicle had been broken sometime overnight. Wilson said she parked the vehicle at a Henry Avenue residence, and awoke to find a large crack in the driver’s side window. Officers did not see any impact marks indicating the crack was due to vandalism, but agreed to document the damage. The owner of the vehicle is listed as Fredd W. Woodburn of Hammondsville.

Police were called at 12:57 a.m. Saturday to My Bar on Main Street following a report of shots being fired. Officers arrived immediately after the call and checked the scene for a suspect who had reportedly discharged one round in the side parking lot. Officers learned, after speaking to patrons, that a black man reportedly shot at another black man in the lot before a small dark-colored car was seen speeding across Main Street and down Fourth Street prior to officers’ arrival. None of the witnesses issued a written statement, but noted a man known as “Baby J” discharged the firearm. The alleged target of the shooting did not come forward and was not identified. Officers checked the lot for a shell casing or bullet, but recovered no such evidence. The bar was closed down for the evening.

While on patrol around 2:21 a.m. Saturday, police observed a disabled vehicle pulled off the side of 10th Street Extension with its hazard lights utilized. An officer spoke with the driver, Ryan J. Morgan of East Liverpool, who said he was traveling south on the road when he hit something making his air bags deploy, and stated his vehicle wouldn’t start. Officers noticed tire tracks in the grass on the side of the road, which led to where his vehicle rested. In that path was a utility pole hit by the vehicle, to which the pole was cracked on the bottom. Officers also detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Morgan, to which Morgan stated he had about four beers that night. Following field sobriety tests and a portable breath test, Morgan was taken into custody and cited for physical control and failure to control. He was later released to a family member.

Emilee Angelone, 18th Street, reported at 10:10 p.m. Sunday she received an internet snapshot call from her boyfriend, Glenn Poole, that her home had been entered and someone ran out of the back of the residence, but then the connection went dead. Officers spoke with Poole, who said that when he first arrived home, the dog — in a cage on the rear porch — was barking. He left for a short time, and when he returned, he said he heard someone going out the back door and saw that person jump over the fence at the rear of a next door neighbor’s residence, but could not provide a description of the perpetrator. Poole said the person had unhooked the Playstation from a Samsung television and apparently attempted to leave with the television, but dropped it in the dining room area near the kitchen and left. The glass on the television was shattered on the left side area.

Kami Tice, Roslyn Avenue, reported around 5:35 p.m. Monday that a male known to her tried to run her off the highway toward East Liverpool, to which she was advised by an officer to contact East Liverpool police. About four hours later, Tice arrived at the Wellsville police station to file a harassment complaint against the man. Tice said she and her boyfriend were traveling on 18th Street Heights when the man came down the hill and flipped them off before turning his vehicle around and followed them to Tice’s mother’s house on Roslyn Avenue. Tice said she was afraid to get out of her boyfriend’s truck, so the two continued driving, and the man reportedly “tailgated” them all the way back down to the bottom of 18th Street Heights. She then said that once they came to a stop sign at state Route 39, the suspect got out of his vehicle, stepped in front of the truck and placed his hands on the hood to prevent them from moving forward. She also said that the man started walking toward the driver’s door, to which her boyfriend proceeded out onto state Route 39, traveling east to get onto state Route 7 north. Tice also said that the known man followed the two very closely the entire way up state Route 7, got in front of them and slammed his brakes, and attempted to swerve into their vehicle on the highway. While at the BP in East Liverpool, according to Tice, the male approached the passenger’s side door and ripped off the door handle in an attempt to open the door. Once Tice and her boyfriend arrived at the ELPD station, the man reportedly stopped following them.