St. Clair Township

Donna J. Potts and Travis L. Keener, no addresses listed, were arrested on unspecified charges following a shoplifting incident Nov. 22 at the Calcutta Walmart. According to reports, store employees stopped Potts and Keener at the store’s entrance doors, but were not able to keep them on the property. The two left via a vehicle, which was described to police. East Liverpool City officers spotted the vehicle along Dresden Avenue, stopping it near the old Dairy Queen site. Township officers arrived shortly thereafter. Potts reportedly had multiple articles of youth clothing inside her purse. She also was under suspension, and the license plate on the vehicle was expired and fictitious. A cigarette spotted on the driver’s side floor of the vehicle was filled with a green, leafy substance, according to reports. Potts stated it was hers and she had smoked it prior to and while driving to Walmart. Officers also discovered a syringe under the passenger side seat in the track, while Keener was searched once outside the vehicle. He stated it was his. Another officer viewed store security video and it matched the description of both Potts and Keener, who were initially stopped by the store’s loss prevention officer who has witnessed both individuals concealing items. He had retrieved one item from Potts prior to the couple leaving the property. Potts and Keener were taken to Walmart where both signed no trespass forms. Both then were taken to the police department, charged with “multiple” unnamed crimes and released with a court date provided.