Salineville Police Reports

Kristina Mattern, Wood Street, reported at 1 p.m. Tuesday that her former boyfriend took household items (kitchen items, TV sets, beds and her underwear) from the home without her consent or knowledge. She added that he took additional money from her child support card while she was in the county jail. The matter is being reviewed by police at this time.

A man residing outside of the Salineville Police Department’s patrol limits reported at 2 p.m. Tuesday receiving an unwanted phone call from the department’s dispatch number–330-679-2322. The man said the person on the telephone advised he had a warrant and needed to give them bank information (credit card) to pay off the warrant. He was advised by officers that police never collect money in lieu of arrest and confirmed that no transaction occurred. The suspect gave a business name of “U.S. Legal Support” and requested money. The report was written for documentation.