Salineville Police Reports

Police were called around 5:15 p.m. Monday to a Church Street home regarding a next door neighbor reportedly stealing electricity using an extension cord. The suspect plugged into the neighbor’s exterior electrical outlet several times, to which police note has been an ongoing issue. The matter remains under investigation, and the prosecutor’s office has requested to see utility bills to establish a loss amount.

Police were advised around 6 p.m. Monday during the village council meeting by several residents that the roadside near two homes on Monroeville Heights/Monroeville Road is eroding away due to an underground mine possibly collapsing. Officers noted that if someone were to fall from the roadway, the drop is approximately a few hundred feet. Officers and village council members surveyed the area the following morning to find out less than seven feet from the road, the berm appears to be soft and is eroding and ultimately giving away/collapsing. A copy of the police report was faxed to the Department of Mine Subsidence and Paul Painter, who serves as ODOT Special Projects coordinator for Abandoned Underground Mines. Officers also note that residents have claimed to have the Mine Subsidence representatives several years ago, and were advised by the reps to call back when the road collapses.

Police were called around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday to a Summitville Road home regarding a domestic incident. After an investigation, Keri Davis was taken into custody and cited for domestic violence against her boyfriend.

The owner of BK Beverage on West Main Street reported around 12:30 p.m. Thursday receiving a bad check on a closed account for goods purchased in the amount of $96 with applicable bank fees. The owner sent a demand letter certified mail where it was signed by the suspect. Copies of the bad check were received by the police department, and police will make a call to the suspect to see if he plans to make restitution. The matter remains under investigation.