Liverpool Township Police Reports

Terry Smith, Westfield Road, reported his truck and garage doors had been shot with orange and white paintballs. He was advised this has been a growing problem in the last couple of weeks, with officers trying to catch the person responsible.

Ashley M. Clutter, Westfield Road, reported she and her daughter were inside the house when they heard a banging sound and found orange paint from a paint gun on the side of the home.

Toni Barcus, Richardson Avenue, reported she returned home to find a stop sign run over near the corner of her yard. She was advised the township road department would be advised to repair the sign. Officers reported finding another sign lying on the ground in the area of Curry and Midway Lane, which appeared to have been deliberately run over. While investigating this incident, the officer was notified by a resident inside the city of a downed sign, and he notified city police.