Lisbon Police Reports

A person known to police called at 6:45 p.m. Monday threatening to harm himself but he would not give his location. Police went to his apartment house on North Market Street and found him there. An ambulance was called to transport the man to a local hospital to be evaluated.

Police spoke with George Burkey on Monday evening after his mother said he texted her in violation of a protection order. Burkey admitted texting his mother to find out when the hearing date was scheduled because he lost his copy of the court order. He agreed not to contact her again.

A North Market Street mother reported at 11 p.m. Monday her son was not taking his medications and was now walking around claiming to be hearing voices in his head. Her son was located at the Valley View convenience store, and he said he left the house because his mother was drunk and started fighting with him. The son seemed fine to police and he said he was going to spend the night at his girlfriend’s home.

A caller reported there were two people skateboarding in the area of South Market and Maple streets at 9:40 p.m. Thursday. The youths were told skating was not permitted on the old train depot property, pointing to the sign next to them that stated such. They were told to leave.

Police were called to the Fleming House at 5:37 p.m. Thursday because a man was there trying to pick up his child from the mother, who is staying at the drug rehabilitation residential treatment facility. The parties were advised this was a civil matter.

Amy McCoy, state Route 154, reported Nov. 2 being the victim of identity fraud after receiving paperwork in preparation for having her son’s tonsils taken out even though she never made any such appointment. Police spoke to the doctor’s office, which admitted sending the letter to the wrong person who also has a son by the same name as McCoy’s child.

n Joe Newlan reported someone was messing with cars on West Spruce Street at 7:49 p.m. Friday. Police found a man in the area who said he walked by the vehicles but did not tamper with them.