Jail inmate accused of murdering cellmate

MOUNDSVILLE — A Northern Correctional Center inmate told police Tuesday he killed his cellmate last month because of disloyalty and his submissive nature.

West Virginia State Police Trooper First Class D.M. Matthews arrested Jonathan Matthew Jordan, 32, formerly of Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday afternoon after Jordan allegedly confessed to murdering his cellmate, David Alan Simpkins, 37, formerly of Huntington. According to a criminal complaint, Jordan told police he offered to crack Simpkins’ back around midnight on Oct. 9 and, while behind Simpkins, placed him in a choke hold for several minutes, strangling him.

Following this, Jordan allegedly placed Simpkins back in his bunk before tying a belt around his throat and covering him with a blanket.

Simpkins’ body was found the following morning around 9:30 a.m. His death initially appeared to be a suicide, according to Lt. Michael Baylous, public information officer for the state police.

During the investigation into Simpkins’ death, Jordan allegedly told police he was tired of dealing with Simpkins, whom he saw as disloyal and weak, not standing up for himself among other inmates. Following the alleged murder, Jordan reportedly went to other inmates and told them what he had done.

Inmates reportedly told police Jordan had plotted to kill Simpkins prior to the act. Jordan denied these claims.

Following his arrest and arraignment in Marshall County Magistrate Court Tuesday, Jordan was charged with first-degree murder.

Jordan was convicted in 2011 on charges of second-degree arson for setting multiple fires before he was arrested in Smithers, W.Va. He was subsequently sentenced to 60 years in prison.

Simpkins was convicted of third-degree sexual assault in May 2015 out of Cabell County and was serving a one-to-five-year sentence set to run consecutively with another sentence out of Fayette County, W.Va.