EL man asks judge for immediate trial

LISBON — An East Liverpool man charged with trafficking in drugs asked Judge Scott Washam on Thursday if he could have his jury trial start immediately.

Todd R. Lewis, 29, Ohio Avenue, was indicted on a trafficking in drugs charge for allegedly selling or offering to sell less than five grams of cocaine on July 29, 2015. The charge came after the county grand jury met in January of this year.

He appeared Thursday in custody with a new defense attorney, Charley Kidder, after his previous attorney, Richard Hura, was allowed to withdraw. Kidder was granted permission to withdraw a motion to be considered for intervention in lieu of conviction. Lewis said he was fine with Kidder withdrawing that motion, because he never asked for it to begin with.

Lewis also asked family members in the courtroom to post bond for him, because he does not like the treatment he claims to be receiving from others housed at the county jail.

As to having the trial start immediately, Washam explained to Lewis that there is not room in court’s schedule for it to be held any sooner than Jan. 17.

Lewis began talking about the evidence with Washam, asking about not getting to see all the evidence yet, having a witness against him “who is not even viable” and questioned if drug money is allowed to be copied with a copy machine and used as evidence. Washam urged Lewis to talk to Kidder about his concerns.