East Liverpool Police Reports

Officers responded at 12:08 a.m. Saturday to 689 Lincoln Avenue to assist the fire department for the third time for reports that Terry Lee Chain, 50, was trying to set fire to the building. Chain had been cited during one of the earlier calls for public intoxication, during which the fire department had also turned off the gas to his stove to eliminate the chance of him igniting a fire. According to reports, Chain had been turning on the stove, trying to make it catch fire. Officers were called the third time when neighbors smelled smoke coming from Chain’s apartment again, and they reported finding him lying on the living room floor. When officers attempted to wake up Chain, he reportedly threatened to stab them. He smelled strongly of alcohol and reportedly admitted also taking his prescription. Chain became vulgar with officers and was arrested for disorderly conduct/intoxication and transported to the county jail.

Officers were watching the Vista Motel at 3:31 a.m. Saturday due to numerous drug-related complaints and, earlier in the shift, had stopped a vehicle when it was seen leaving the room allegedly involved in the complaints. An officer reported removing several pinch-off bags containing cocaine and Chore Boy from that vehicle. While continuing the watch during the early morning hours, Patrolman Chris Green reported seeing a person exit a vehicle and go into the same room, leaving a short time later, after which the vehicle left the parking lot at a high rate of speed, with no turn signal used. He followed the vehicle with his lights activated, reporting it hit speeds of 70 mph along West Eighth Street before turning onto Dresden and stopping in front of the post office where a man jumped out and ran. The man, later identified as Anthony R. Wagoner, 36, Cadmus Street, failed to stop when ordered and Green deployed his taser, but Wagoner continued to run. Green tackled Wagoner, who reportedly continued to struggle, prompting Patrolman Steve Adkins to deploy his taser, but Wagoner continued struggling with the two officers until dry stunned. He had to be given several commands before he complied and placed his hands behind his back, officers reported. Wagoner was charged with driving under suspension, no turn signal, resisting arrest, obstructing official business and failure to comply with an officer’s order.

Employees of Dollar General on Walnut Street reported just before 10 a.m. Monday that a man ran out the door with a basketful of food items. Officers reviewed a surveillance video and identified the shoplifter as Robin J. Molnar, 33, with whom they reported having had numerous dealings. They located him at the home of a woman where he has been staying, hiding in a closet, the stolen basket with him and the stolen food items in the refrigerator, according to reports. He was charged with petty theft.

Responding Sunday night to a report of a domestic dispute on Michigan Avenue, officers spoke with Alive Siebert, who said her brother, Martin R. Obenour, 52, same address, had punched her in the cheek, knocking her to the floor. Siebert was treated at the scene by ASI ambulance. Obenour was charged with domestic violence.

Richard Arthur, St. Clair Avenue, reported his 50-inch flat screen television stolen. Entry was gained through a kitchen window, according to reports.