East Liverpool Police Reports

Kathy A. Neville, Huston Road, called to have a man she knows removed from her home, telling officers she had just picked him up from jail. Neville said he wouldn’t keep his mouth shut the entire way home, demanding to be taken to a friend’s house on Trentvale Street, and she no longer wanted to deal with the on-going issue. Officers transported the man to his desired location.

Responding to the state Route 11 exit ramp for a report of a woman slumped over the wheel of vehicle with the doors locked, officers said the car was not there. The car was then reported at a business on state Route 170, but officers responded and it was gone. Finally, an officer passed the vehicle on East Liverpool Road and saw it pull into the former Cactus Car Wash lot. The elderly woman driver told officers she had just eaten a big meal and wanted to take a nap and said that, the next time, she would pull into a parking lot. An ambulance from ASI was called so she could be evaluated, but the woman was fine.

Brittany Blake, Glenn Street, reported returning home to find the front door open and a 55-inch flat screen television missing.

Officers responded to McDonald Street to take a fraud report from Alana M. Campbell.