East Liverpool Municipal

In Municipal Court Tuesday, Malorie S. Reynolds, 31, state Route 518, Lisbon, was fined $250 for driving under suspension.

Jennifer McComas, Garner Avenue, was fined $75, each, for two counts of rental property license.

Jessica A. Basinger, 36, Shippingport, Pa., was fined $50 for passing bad checks.

Tina M. Adkins, 36, Campbell, was fined $50 for passing bad checks.

A marked lanes violation against Charles C. Bramel, 61, Moore Road, was amended to no tail lights, for which he was fined $30.

A driving under suspension charge was dismissed against Brian D. Elliott, 42, Sprucevale Road, who was assessed court costs only.

A trial was set Dec. 6 for Gregory S. Kiger Jr., 19, Vernia Street, on a charge of possession of marijuana. A second arraignment was set the same day on a charge of no operator’s license.

Second pretrial was scheduled Dec. 8 for Natalie M. Flannigan, 34, Staunton Avenue, charged with driving under suspension, with $10,000 recognizance bond set. She was ordered to the Braking Point Recovery Center until the program is completed.

Pretrials were scheduled Dec, 1 for Brenston T. Thompkins, 21, St. George Street, charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and receiving stolen property and James E. McKahan, 37, homeless, charged with driving under suspension.