East Liverpool City

Responding Thursday afternoon  to a call from a screaming, hysterical woman wanting an ambulance, officers arrived at Lincoln Avenue where they were met by ASI ambulance paramedics, a father and girlfriend of a man who they said had overdosed for the “umpteenth” time. He was transported to East Liverpool City Hospital upon receiving his “usual dose of Narcan,” police reported.

Officers responded Thursday evening to Lincoln Avenue for Jeff Baker, no age or address listed, screaming and carrying on. Several women told the officer he was upset due to a dispute with a person who doesn’t live at the apartment complex. The man who does not live there was found upstairs and advised it would probably be wise if he left the building, and Baker was told to knock off his behavior and take it inside for the night.

Responding Thursday afternoon to Ravine Street for a disturbance, officers spoke with Dustin Whaley, who said a vehicle owned by Danielle Vantilburg was parked at the curb in front of his home and when he asked her to move it, heated words were exchanged. Vantilburg told officers Whaley told her to move the car and, when told he does not own the street, he threatened to get a gun and blow off her head. Whaley denied making such remarks. He was told by officers there is no preferred parking on city streets, other than handicapped parking and was also advised he cannot threaten people.

Officers responded Thursday evening to a Spring Grove Avenue home for a report that someone was threatening suicide, sending messages to his family. Due to prior knowledge that the man has firearms, officers had him step out onto his porch to speak with him, but he said he had no intention of inflicting bodily harm on himself.

Courtney Cook, North Shady Lane, reported a man she knows showed up uninvited and unannounced at her apartment and started to knock on her door but she didn’t answer due to hearing about this man’s involvement in drug activity. The man got mad and walked away, punching a wall as he walked down the steps.