A man who lives on Jerome Street walked into the police department at 12:33 a.m. Wednesday with a bloody mouth and scrapes on his arms he said were from a fall. The man asked to speak with an officer and said he needed to go into detox. He was told to contact the Family Recovery Center and Columbiana County Mental Health Center for possible treatment programs.

Police were asked to check on the well being of an elderly woman who lives on Garfield Street at 8:48 a.m,. Sept. 23. Police Chief Mike Abraham entered through the garage man door and knocked on the interior door. The woman came to the door, saying she had slept in.

Police stood by at Apple Grove apartments at 3:11 p.m. Sept. 30 while an ambulance transported a residence to a local hospital for mental evaluation.

A barking dog complaint was received in the area of Cherry and East High streets at 7:52 p.m. Sept. 30. Police were unable to locate the barking dog.

William G. Henthorne, Pritchard Avenue, was turning from Pritchard Avenue onto Chestnut Street at 8:02 a.m. Thursday when his vehicle was struck by a car driven by Betty J. Chuck, East Chestnut Street.

A caller reported there was a possible impaired driver in a green truck entering onto North Green Street at 10:44 a.m. Saturday. The truck was later found parked on Green Street and unoccupied.

A social service worker from North Carolina called Sunday afternoon to have police check on two children whose mother lives on Sherman Street. Their mother had left the children with a caregiver two months before and never returned. Police went to the house and found the girl sleeping, while the son was off fishing with his father. Meanwhile, police determined there was a warrant for the mother, who was taken into custody at the residence.


The security alarm at the Dollar General store was going off at 2:19 a.m. Wednesday, but police found the building to be secure.


Police responded to an accident at Willow Grove Sand & Gravel on state Route 154 about 10 a.m. Friday that resulted in an employee being injured. Chief Mike Abraham said the employee, who was not identified to him, was operating a loader when he suffered severe burns to both arms from hydraulic fluid that caught fire. Abraham said the hydraulic line began leaking onto the battery, igniting the hydraulic fluid, which sprayed on the worker, who was transported by ambulance to a local hospital.


Shan Johnson, North Jefferson Street, reported Wednesday he received mail sent to his former address and it had been opened. Johnson suspects his former girlfriend may be responsible.

A woman who lives on North Market Street came to the police department on Wednesday to ask someone to speak with her daughter, who was being uncooperative and swearing at her. An officer spoke with the girl, telling her about the importance of being polite and not using vulgar language.

Louise Wellman, 72, Maple Street, was cited for failure to control after she struck a parked car while driving on East Chestnut Street at 1 p.m. Saturday. Wellman said she swerved to miss a bicyclist when she struck the parked vehicle, which is owned by Cara Burt Orr, Columbiana-Waterford Road, Columbiana.

A bay door for unit one at The Storage Place, West Chestnut Street, was reported open at 9:16 a.m. Sunday. Police found the unit was only three-fourths full of items. A police office had dispatchers call the storage company and shut the door.

Mary Shaulis, Maple Street, Lisbon, reported at 12:19 a.m. Monday a Jeep belonging to Kevin Criss, parked on her property, had been vandalized. She said someone “ice picked the tires.” The vehicle had a flat tire.

A dumpster fire was reported behind Bad Frogs on Washington at 6:52 a.m. Monday.

A fight was reported in the East of Chicago lot at 2:55 a.m. Sunday, but police did not find anyone.

A fight was reported at the Save A Lot lot at 2:47 a.m. Sunday, but police were unable to locate the fight.

Someone backed into a fence belonging to John and Kelly Wolf, East Lincoln Way, at 9 p.m. Saturday. The vehicle, described as an older red Ford, took off.

A woman at Circle K reported at 3:53 a.m. Sunday she believed someone was in her trunk. Police had her open the trunk and did not find anyone, just a lot of junk. They told her possibly she was hearing the junk was shifting when she was driving.

Casey Reynolds, West Lincoln Way, reported at 8:16 p.m. Friday she received a text message from her ex-boyfriend Mike Wendel, whom she had a protection order against. Police informed her the protection order had not been served yet. Reynolds reported 7:12 p.m. Saturday Wendel was at the apartment next door but the protection order had not been served yet. Wendel reported at 10:35 a.m. Sunday he was served a protection order on Saturday. Reynolds then contacted him via Facebook, leaving him a threatening message, which Wendel showed police.

Christopher Shear, no address listed, struck a vehicle in front of him driven by Diana Lacey, no address listed, while the two vehicles were on North Beaver at Pendleton at 4:09 p.m. Thursday. Shear said he looked down to change his radio station and saw her vehicle when he looked back up. He swerved, but still hit the car, leaving a scuff mark.

Vicky Waite, Saltwell Road, reported at 12:39 a.m. Friday she heard someone outside, then claimed dispatchers were laughing at her and hung up. Police checked the area and found nothing. They also checked on Waite and told her no one is laughing at her at the police department.

Police assisted a man with a disabled vehicle in the intersection of Pendleton and North Beaver at 9:23 a.m. Friday. His battery had died and a friend came to jump start his vehicle. Someone reported a red and yellow go-cart driving near the Juvenile Justice Center and Washington Street at 4:28 p.m. Friday. Numerous people reported the go-cart was entering traffic. The go-cart was found parked in the lot and the owner, Corey D. Cope, was warned to keep it off the public roads or they would impound the go-cart and he would be cited, because his license is suspended.

A possible drunk man yelling at vehicles was reported at 6:54 p.m. Friday. The man identified as Christopher McLard told police he was in town for the Appleseed Festival and was staying at the fairgrounds. He was cooperative and police gave him a ride.

Mary Bowser reported her vehicle was backed into at the Circle K at 7:55 p.m. Saturday. Police checked the license plate number of the vehicle, which was reported by a witness. The plate came back to a red Dodge truck, but Bowser’s vehicle was reportedly struck by a white four-door Geo Tracker, which left the scene.


Lindsay Combs, East Washington Street, reported at 10:45 p.m. Aug. 25 she saw two people who had been involved in a theft earlier that day. Combs told police she saw Floyd Gilmore and a woman walking down the street with two fishing poles that were taken from 127 Jerome St. Police spoke with Bob Tinney, who lives at the Jerome Street home, who said Gilmore took the fishing poles and $50 in quarters, some nectarines and TV dinners from his home.

Police went to Applegrove Apartments at 4:15 p.m. Saturday for a report that resident Vicky Waite was causing a disturbance. Police spoke to Waite, who was upset and yelling, and advised her to calm down.

Police went to Lisbon Cemetery at 4:48 p.m. Friday for a report a girl was there threatening to cut herself. Police spoke with the girl and her mother and the girl was treated at the scene by KLG Ambulance and released to her mother.

Police went to Circle K at 11:13 p.m. Sept. 3 for a report of an aggravated customer. Police spoke with John Harrold, Stewart Road, Salem, who said he paid $15 in gas with his credit card and stopped to talk to a friend and when he went to put the gas the machine had reset and he was angry because it could take a few days to refund the $15 to his account, and he wanted a report on file in case the money was not refunded to his account.

Police checked on a group of people at the Lisbon Veterinary Clinic on Race Road at midnight Sunday and found they were changing a flat tire on a vehicle.

Tena Lideratia, East Lincoln Way, reported at 8:22 p.m. Tuesday her son’s cell phone was stolen during the summer.

Police went to 567 E. Washington St. at 6:59 p.m. Tuesday for a report that the resident was bitten by a cat. Patricia Coons told police she was outside and noticed a black and white cat sitting on her patio and she attempted to get the cat to leave and it attacked her.

Oliver Aeschbacker, Greentree Place, reported at 11 p.m. Sept. 3 someone cashed a check on his account without his permission.

Shelby Sprouse, Harrison Street, reported at 11:36 a.m. Sept. 5 Mike Gargano violated a protection order she had against him. Sprouse reported Gargano called her home phone and texted her cell phone.

Police went to the CARTS garage on Jackson Street at 5:24 p.m. Tuesday for an alarm drop and found the building secure but that a bus came back and the driver did not have a key to the office and the keyholder was not able to respond.

Police went to Lincoln Way at 11:24 a.m. Thursday for a report a semi hit a culvert in front of the juvenile court. The truck was found parked on Lincoln Way facing east and a witness told police the driver came off South Lincoln Avenue and hit the culvert causing it to collapse. The driver, Ronald Louis Bashaw, Palm Coast, Fla., verified the witness’ account.

Matthew Backhand, address not listed, was driving an Ohio Department of Natural Resources vehicle through the car ports at the car wash on North Market Street at 4:40 p.m. Thursday and the riding mower he was pulling hit the top of the car port causing damage.

Police told people going door to door on Sherman Street and Thomas Road selling vacuums they needed to apply for solicitors permits.

Scott Rudder, North Market Street, reported at 11:22 p.m. Sept. 11 he was bitten on the pants by a dog from the apartment building. The dog’s owner told police Rudder kicked at the dog, and that’s why it but his pants.

Collin Baker Houlette, 19, state Route 154, Lisbon, was stopped in traffic in the northbound lane on North Market Street at 9 a.m. Sept. 6 and was struck from behind by Glenn C. Orr, 43, state Route 45, Lisbon who failed to slow down. He was cited for assured clear distance.

Krista M. Perline, 26, North James Street, 26, East Palestine, was stopped at the stop sign on state Route 164 and failed to yield the right of way and struck Ashley M. Burden, 28, Windham, Ohio, who was west on state Route 517. Perline cited for right of way.


Thomas Percinc, Maple Street Extension, reported a woman showed up at his door at 11 p.m. Friday saying she had just been assaulted by some men on the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail. The woman, who was shoeless and appeared intoxicated, asked Percinc for a ride but he said he would call for help. When he returned the woman was walking back toward the bike trail. Police searched the area but did not find her, but there was an incident two hours before involving an intoxicated couple at the basketball court. Candy Kibler called the next day to say Ron Jackson stole her cell phone on Friday while she was at Willow Grove Park.

A newspaper deliverer reported a man appeared slumped over a van parked next to the restrooms at Smith Oil at 3:30 a.m. Saturday. Police found the man in a van with Texas plates and he was sleeping. They woke the man, who said he was tired, but he continued on his way.

Mark Klein, Summit Street, reported having hail damage to his home and he received $5,000-plus from his insurance company. Klein said he hired Garett McCollough to do the repair work and he was paid but never returned to do the work.

Pam Gatrell, North Jefferson Street, reported there was a suspicious vehicle in the area of North Jefferson and Spruce at 6:41 p.m. Sunday. Police checked and determined the person was getting his phone charger while his friend waited in the car.

Judy from the Circle K reported at 11:23 a.m. Friday there was someone in the parking lot selling CDs. Police approached the van and told the occupants they needed a permit to sell items in the village. Police ran the names of the three people through the computer but there were no warrants for them.

Police came across two people riding ATVs on Lee Street at 8:36 p.m. Thursday and told them to push the vehicles.

Police were called at 3:02 p.m. Wednesday to the area of Beaver Street and High Street regarding a child reportedly left unattended on the front porch. An officer observed the child was with his parents in the backyard.

A Community Action Rural Transport System (CARTS) bus driven by Tom Hawkins, Kelly Park Road, Columbiana, was parked at 9:50 a.m. Wednesday at the sidewalk of the Counseling Center on state Route 154, and he was opening the driver’s side door when he struck the passenger’s side door of a 2009 Toyota Camry driven by Janice L. Scott, Violet Place, East Liverpool, who came around the bus. A dent was observed in the driver’s side door of the bus, and a dent was seen on the door along with paint damage to the mirror of the Camry.

Police were called to the Mental Health complex, state Route 154, after alarms went off. A door was discovered opened, and officers checked to make sure no one was inside.

A noise complaint was reported at 10:02 p.m. Tuesday at an apartment complex on Moore Street. A resident reported that the upstairs tenants were constantly being loud and turning up the TV. An officer did not hear any loud sounds, but advised the upstairs tenants to keep the volume down if they were being noisy.

Police were called at 9:40 p.m. Sept. 5 at the basketball court on Cedar Street regarding an intoxicated man and woman, but were unable to find the two in question.

Renee Ebert, Harrison Street, reported at 10:41 a.m. Wednesday a skunk was bothering residents in the area. An officer found the skunk to be calm and not harmful, and requested animal control to go to Pritchard Street where the skunk went next.

A North Market Street woman reported at 6:59 p.m Wednesday a possibly intoxicated man sitting in front of the house. Officers spoke with Bill Halligan, who said he only had two hours of sleep and was cutting grass and just wanted to take a rest before heading to his mother’s house on Elm Street. An officer did not notice any signs of intoxication from Halligan, but advised him he could not sit in the yard and had to keep walking, which Halligan agreed.


John J. Jiles Jr., 23, Berkshire Road, East Liverpool, was cited for assured cleared distance after drove into the rear of a stopped horse trailer being pulled by pickup truck driven by Andrew J. Schwandner, 27, Mountz Road, Minerva, on West Lincoln Way at 6:42 a.m. Saturday. The horse trailer was carrying two horses and two dogs, but none of the animals were injured.

Thomas Cozza, 64, Salem Grange Road, Salem, reportedly struck a vehicle being driven by Sandra J. Bell, 73, Hunter Camp Road, Lisbon, at 1:43 p.m. Friday. The accident occurred when Cozza pulled out from North Beaver Street, striking Bell, who was driving north on North Market.

Sherry Pierson, West Lincoln Way, reported about 10:30 p.m. Aug. 30 seeing a male in a white T-shirt and shorts run from her porch. She said this occurred a week after her home had been broken into.

Derrick Blaine reportedly struck the awning at the Valley View convenience store with his semi-trailer at 7:18 p.m. Saturday. He drives for Pohl Transportation of Versailles.

Kimberly Pirchner, Moore Street, reported Friday finding egg shells on her windshield.


Someone called police to report children in Playtown at 8:32 p.m. Wednesday. The man called back to say they left before police arrived. Police checked the area, but did not find anyone.

Jay Roberts reported at 9:30 p.m. Friday that Tony Hilton arrived in a white Chevrolet at Apple Grove Apartments and asked for Tina Spann, who was not at home, and then walked west on Saltwell Road. An officer spoke with Spann, who said she was at a friend’s house and did not want Hilton around anymore. An officer later learned that Hilton returned to the apartment complex, in which an officer later stopped Hilton, who was found to have his license suspended and was not the registered owner of the Chevrolet. Hilton was cited for driving under suspension, and was advised to leave Spann alone.

A domestic complaint was reported at 12:49 p.m. Friday on North Beaver Street. Grlinde Bailey said her 17-year-old son was being unruly and was walking up North Beaver Street. The boy said he and his mother argued because he was hungry and did not want to go to the doctor. An officer advised the boy to listen to his mother since he is underage, and Bailey agreed to allow him to visit his friend’s mother for a short time to calm down.


A woman reported at 11 a.m. Tuesday a dog had been locked in a van for at least a half hour in the parking area at the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail. Police found the van door unlocked and let the panting golden doodle out, while the woman provided some water for the canine. By then the owner arrived, which means she was gone about 45 minutes or so. The owner said she brought the dog along because she next intended to go jogging accompanied by the dog. The owner was told not to do this again.

Lucretia Gotschall, North Park Avenue and Daniel Smelser reported Tuesday receiving harassing calls and text messages from Christina Hooker even after they told her to quit. Police contacted Hooker, who said she had not contacted them since Aug. 18 and offered to show them her phone. Hooker was told this was unnecessary.

Bernie Lower, Saltwell Road, Lisbon, reported at 6:48 p.m. Thursday her neighbors threatened to damage her car. Lower was intoxicated when police spoke to her and was told to take a nap. The neighbor, Vickie Waite, told police Lower was drunk and they sent her home, but no one threatened her car.

A minister at the Methodist Church reported at 6:09 p.m. Thursday a man was there intoxicated. Police found it was the same man who they told to go home until he sobered up earlier. He was transported to his home on Rose Drive and told to stay there until he is sober.


Christy Schnader, North Market Street, reported Aug. 27 she has a restraining order against Tim Wamsley, who showed up. The order had yet to be served but Wamsley was told this was going to happen in the next day or two. Wamsley was also told no one at the apartment wanted him there, so he left.

Randi Ensell, 32, Steubenville Pike, Lisbon, was cited for failure to control after Ensell pulled from the Smith Oil parking lot onto East Lincoln Way, striking a Ford Contour driven by Miriam Brady, 25, Winona Road, Salem, at 4:51 p.m. Friday.

Mark Kline, West Washington Street, called for police at 11:17 p.m. Sunday. Police spoke with Derrick Faulkner, who said there was no problem, so police spoke with Ashley Goudy, who said there was another couple in the vicinity who had been arguing loudly.

A caller reported there were two people sitting in a parked vehicle under the Canton Bridge on Lions Club Road at noon Sunday. Police spoke to the couple, who said they were just talking, but they agreed to leave.

A caller found personal belongings on North Beaver Street on Sunday. The items belonged to Tim Wamsley, who was recently told to leave his apartment after receiving a protection order.

Police received a report of people arguing loudly on Maple Street Extension at 9:52 p.m. Saturday. Police spoke with Mary Shaulis, who said Nicole Thompson was yelling at her to be quiet and go in the house. Police told both parties to quit arguing.

Police were called the storage units on Rose Drive at 7:37 a.m. Friday after Larry Stacey reported he was retrieving some items when the gate had closed behind him and he could not get to the card reader from inside the fence. He handed his swipe card to the officer, who used it to open the gate for him.

Elaine Iler, West Lincoln Way, reported at 12:07 a.m. Friday being awakened by a 20-year-old man who had been yelling at her daughter, and that he was now walking toward the “crack” apartments on North Beaver Street. Police were unable to locate the young man.

Police were called to Applegrove apartments at 2:30 p.m. Aug. 25 in regard to a resident who had attempted to harm herself. Police remained until an ambulance arrived to transport the resident to a local hospital.

Nate Pirogowicz, North Jefferson Street, called with a barking dog complaint on Aug. 25.

A caller reported someone was jumping into traffic on North Beaver Street at 8:32 a.m. Aug. 26, and police arrived to find Tim Wamsley in the care of a sheriff’s deputy. Wamsley stated he needed an ambulance for a shoulder injury sustained several days before, so an ambulance was summoned.

A clerk at Smith Oil reported a motorist in a Red GMC drove away at 8:36 p.m. Aug. 27 after putting $15 on the counter and then pumping $29 worth of gas before driving off.

Police were called to the home of Amy Merriman, East Lincoln Way, to remove a bat from her bathroom at 10 p.m. Aug. 27.

Terry L. Thomas, Cedar Street, reported at 10:32 p.m. Aug. 27 Nicole R. Thompson, 38, shut the door on his thumb and kicked out the back door window. She also allegedly slapped him. Thompson was arrested for domestic violence.

A caller reported Floyd Gilmore and Rick Lips were trying to get into the Yellow Earth donation box next to the L & G Lawmower repair shop at 11:44 p.m. Aug. 28. The pair were not there when police arrived but were found walking on Brookfield Avenue. Gilmore said someone named Danna had put his phone behind the box and he was trying to retrieve it. Police told them they would check behind the box but no phone was found.


Homer C. Linger Jr., 38, was stopped for a left-of-center violation behind the Layered Edge at 11 a.m. Monday. While running Linger’s license the officer learned there was an arrest warrant for Linger out of Liverpool Township. He was also cited for driving left of center and for failing to reinstate his driver’s license. One of Linger’s passengers, Tina M. Travis, 38, was also taken into custody on an arrest warrant out of Liverpool Township. She was also charged with allowing someone without a valid license to drive her vehicle.

A caller reported someone was riding a loud motorized bicycle on North Beaver Street at 3:29 p.m. Thursday. Police checked the area but did not come across the vehicle.


Gloria Matthews, state Route 172, called at 8:05 a.m. Tuesday to report an accident that occurred the day before. No other details were provided.

Tom Wamsley, North Beaver Street, reported he could hear arguing in one of the other apartments at 1:54 a.m. Tuesday. Police arrived and spoke to Raphael Thompson and Morgan Ford, who said they had a minor argument and nothing more.

Dawn M. Lycans, 39, East Spruce Street, and Kirk V. Krieger, 24, Forest Street, were both charged with public intoxication after police responded to a disturbance on East Washington Street near Cross Street at 2:24 a.m. Thursday.

Nicole R. Thomspon, 38, Cedar Street, was charged with domestic violence at 10:32 p.m. Wednesday after reportedly striking Terry Thomas in the side of the face with her open hand. She also allegedly damaged three doors at the residence and slammed one of them shut on Thomas’ thumb.

Police responded to a home on West Lincoln Way at 9:53 a.m. Tuesday, where a woman said she had stumbled and fell into the door, injuring her head. Blood was located at the base of the door, and a witness said this was the fourth or fifth time this had happened. Police remained until an ambulance arrived to transport her to the hospital.

Police were called to the Cherished Children day care center at 10 p.m. Thursday in regard to a bat in the building, which was the third time this week. Police were able to get the bat to go out a door.

Police responded to a minor accident at the intersection of Thomas Road and West Lincoln Way at 11:49 a.m. Thursday, where Jerry Richards, Eagleton Road, struck a vehicle driven by Jerry Wells, Mattix Road. Wells was attempting to drive through the intersection when Richard turned left onto Lincoln Way from South Lincoln Avenue, striking Wells’ vehicle.

Dana Duffield, 48, Center Avenue, was charged Friday with breaking into the offices at the Columbiana County Fairgrounds on Aug. 26. Duffield reportedly stole a Dell computer, two space heaters and three picture frames.

The sheriff’s office called at 8:51 p.m. Saturday asking for help in responding to a large fight at the Cochran residence just outside of town on St. Jacob-Logtown Road. A while male in his 60s had multiple cuts to his eyes and an ambulance was called, but the assailants were gone by the time authorities arrived. The officers left after deputies arrived.


Police were called to a home on West Chestnut Street at 5 a.m. Friday until an ambulance arrived to transport the woman who lived there to a local hospital.

A caller said some men in a newer Chrysler were smoking marijuana at the BP station at 6:08 a.m. Friday. The vehicle was gone by the time police arrived.

Police were called to the Cherished Children’s Day Care Center at 9:20 p.m. Friday in regard to a bat inside the building with children present. An officer arrived and help remove the bat.

Brandi Cope was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after police responded to a domestic dispute between her and her mother, Candi Kibler, on West Lincoln Way at 8:44 p.m. Friday. Cope was trying to remove her clothing from the residence but she claimed her mother was taking what belonged to her. Cope was advised this was a civil matter and they could not tell what belonged to who. This upset Cope, who continued to yell and scream, despite repeated warnings to quit. Finally, police told Cope she was being arrested for disorderly conduct but she reportedly threw herself on the ground and continued to try and pull away from the officer after being handcuffed.

Police were called to a North Beaver Street residence at 10:20 p.m. Friday, where Christie Schnader reported she had kicked Tim Wamsley out of the apartment but he returned and tried to get inside. She said Scott Rudder then pushed Wamsley, who fell over a bicycle, striking his head. Wamsley was gone by the time police arrived but he was found in the Chase Bank parking lot and refused treatment for a cut on his forehead. At noon the next day, Wamsley called to say Rudder tried to force his way in to his North Beaver Street residence and was making threats. Police located Rudder and told him not to return to the residence or he would be arrested.

Sean Hause, South Lincoln Avenue, and Sean Hause, Maple Street, reported Saturday that Glen Liebert threatened them and their mother by saying he was going to burn down their mother’s and Kevin’s houses and kill their dog.

Police were called to the Lisbon Cemetery at 6:12 a.m. Sunday, where they found an intoxicated man at his brother’s grave. The man said he took some pills but he had no idea what they were or how many. An ambulance crew was called to transport him to a local hospital.

Police were called to West Chesnut Street at 12:22 a.m. Sunday, where Ronald Cochran and Vicki Dennison said they had been arguing and nothing more.

Police were called to Greentree Place at 2:15 p.m. Saturday in regard to a resident who was having issues, but officers determined the person was only visiting there from Leetonia and he was no longer there.

Kerry Florie, Sue Drive, reported Monday her rental property on East Lincoln Way had been vandalized by the former tenant. Police found large amounts of garbage and spoiled food in the kitchen. In addition to the overwhelming stench that greeted police, the officer also saw a large mound of maggots writhing about on the floor. The officer also found empty beer cans and soda pop containers, used cigarettes, other food and dog feces in other parts of the house. The back door to the house was broken off its hinges and a large uncovered air conditioner vent hole in the floor in front of the door, and there were holes in the new ceiling. The officer could not get in the basement because of backed-up sewage and more garbage. There was also garbage in the back yard.

Police were called to a home on North Market Street at 1:55 a.m. Saturday, where Tim Wamsley reported being assaulted by Scott Rudder as continuation of a previous dispute.

After receiving a call about a reckless driver at 6:48 p.m. Tuesday, police found the vehicle in the alley between South Green Street and South Lincoln Avenue and the driver, Edward A. Duko II of Salem, laying down in the front seat. Duko stated the car had been towed there and he was waiting for his mechanic, but he later admitted to having been driving. Duko was then cited for driving under suspension since he only had driving privileges to and from work and school, and the spot in the alley was neither.

Someone from Cherished Children reported at 9 p.m. Tuesday there was a bat in the kitchen, which is the second time that had occurred this week. Police arrived and gently coerced the bat into a bucket, which was used to transport it outside.