East Liverpool

Employees of Giant Eagle on Bradshaw Avenue reported Sunday a man had taken about $100 worth of meat the previous day and then returned Sunday, wearing the same clothing and was recognized from the theft the day before. Phillip R. Cline, 41, Carolina Avenue, Chester, W.Va., was charged with theft and issued a criminal trespass notice for the store as well as an outstanding warrant. Cline reportedly told officers he has a drug problem and traded the meat for drugs.

Officers responded Sunday morning to a Lisbon Street home to remove a woman and reported finding Julie A. Carl, 42, Fisher Avenue, hiding underneath the porch. They reported Carl smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech. She was charged with public intoxication.

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Desiree Browning, Summit Lane, reported John N. Thompson, no address listed, was knocking on her door and harassing her. Thompson told police he just wanted to see his children and also said a man who was inside with Browning met him at a location and punched him. Thompson was taken to a relative’s and told to stay away from Browning’s home.

East liverpool

Vaneesa Argabrite, no address listed, reported her food stamp card had been mailed to her mother’s on Jennings Avenue and was taken and then used at several local stores. She told officers she believes a family member is to blame.

Joe Adams, Fairview Street, reported he had obtained a temporary restraining order against a man who then came to his home and made threats.

Officers responded to a fight at Berdine’s Bar on West Sixth Street that resulted from songs being played on the jukebox. One woman reported being assaulted. No charges were filed.

Deborah Frye, no address listed, reported leaving her phone in a friend’s car and, when she asked for it, the friend said it was missing. The phone was then used in Wellsville.

Melissa Giordano reported a man sitting in an employee’s car at Wee the People Day Care on West Fourth Street. When she yelled, the man exited the vehicle and walked away. He was located by officers, ducked down in an alcove of a building. Glenn T. Galloway, 31, no address listed, was taken into custody on two outstanding warrants.

Called to a fight on Elizabeth Street, officers said three people each claimed to have been assaulted by the others. They were told to stay away from each other and to contact the law director if they wanted to file charges.

Matthew P. Lopes, 27, Wilbert Avenue, reported he had been in a fight with his girlfriend and went for a walk when a vehicle pulled up and three people asked to use his cell phone then began beating him up. He declined medical treatment.

Jerica S. Mattern, no age or address listed, reported a man has been taking picture of her home and showing up at her place of employment.

Donna McCune, East Eighth Street, reported her ex-boyfriend kicked open the door and ransacked her home.

Beulah M. Morrison, West Fourth Street, reported her home health nurse wrote herself a $100 check while paying Morrison’s bills. She was advised to contact the law director about filing charges.

Robert Riggs, East Ninth Street, reported finding the rear panel of his vehicle dented and with what appeared to be blood on it. Officers said it looked as though it had been punched with a closed fist.

Christina Penn, Pennsylvania Avenue, reported she came into her living room to find a woman sitting in a chair. A $10 bill that had been near the chair was missing, but the woman denied taking it and then left the residence.

Clifford Plummer, Allison Avenue, reported his house broken into and several items missing.

Brian Cramer, Marcus Street, reported a window broken on a door, which was then unlocked to gain entry to his home. An Xbox, games and controller were taken.

East Liverpool

Marcie L. Postlethwaite, 43, Grant Street, Irondale, was cited Wednesday with assured clear distance after her vehicle reportedly struck the rear of a vehicle driven by Jonathon D. Trevor, 28, Alpha Street, who had stopped for a traffic light on 8th Street.

East Liverpool

Terry Acker, no address listed, reported he had purchased a house on Erie Street and let his daughter, Dawn Acker and her boyfriend move in. While there getting a rental agreement signed, the boyfriend reportedly broke glass bottles in front of and behind Acker’s vehicle, but he cleaned it up prior to officers’ arrival, according to reports. Dawn Acker told police her father has been stalking her by sitting in his car in front of the residence.

Jacqulyn Allison reported a woman she knows came to her Green Lane residence to bum a cigarette and later Allison found her purse missing.

Sonday L. Caceres, no address listed, reported her iPad came up missing while she was at a friend’s on Bradshaw Avenue.

Randy Brush, West Drury Lane, reported a brick thrown threw his window, hitting him in the head, possibly by a neighbor with whom he has had an on-going feud. He showed no signs of injury, according to reports.

Amber C. Cramer, Globe Street, reported her unlocked car entered and ransacked, with nothing apparently missing.

Megan R. Douds, no age or address listed, told police she and a man she knows were on a boat then she went with a friend on another boat, and the man got upset when she returned. He reportedly tried to throw Douds into the river and also struck her in the face and head. She was advised to see the law director about filing charges.

The Redbox movie machine at Giant Eagle on Bradshaw Avenue was reported damaged, with the screen smashed and falling out.

Officers were called to Giant Eagle on Bradshaw Avenue where Tyler Fullerton, 20, no address listed, reported being jumped near Busy Bee Muffler by three men upset with his brother. Employees at Giant Eagle said he told them he was assaulted in the store’s parking lot. Fullerton was transported to St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Boardman.

A Bank Street mother reported being beaten by her daughter, who agreed to stay with her father for the night.

Herbert W. Lockhart III, Ohio Avenue, reported he left his residence with two women and returned to find his tower radio missing as well as Ashley Foster’s wallet and MP-3 player.

East Liverpool

While on patrol Sunday evening, an officer reported seeing a mini-van making hard right turns from Avondale onto Bradshaw and then into the Rite Aid parking lot, after which all three occupants exited the vehicle and took off running. Two of the men were immediately apprehended, while the third was located and stopped on Walnut Street. Michael Lamp, 36, and David M. Adams, 36, both of Garner Avenue, were both found to have outstanding warrants and were taken into custody. The third man had none and was released. Adams’ bond was paid by his mother, and he was released to her, however, he reportedly returned to the police station, intoxicated, a few minutes after being released and demanded to be taken to county jail. Officers complied, charging him with disorderly conduct/intoxication and transporting him to the jail.

Ashley M. Eikenberry, 18, Morton Street, was cited for assured clear distance Saturday after the vehicle she was driving reportedly struck a vehicle driven by Johnathon M. Seman, 44, Henry Avenue. Both were merging onto state Route 11 at the time, and Seman had stopped, according to reports.

East Liverpool

A Giant Eagle employee reported seeing a man shove a bottle of liquor down his pants and confronted him inside the store. The man, later identified as John N. Thompson Jr., 25, Avondale Street, reportedly laughed at the employee, handed him the bottle of liquor and said the employee didn’t see him steal anything because he was still inside the store. Thompson was later charged with petty theft.

Responding to a motorcycle crash near the Newell Bridge Sunday, officers said the driver, Larry N. Putnam, 48, Niles, smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech. He also had an empty pistol holster on his back, and asked where the weapon was, Putnam pointed angrily over toward the guardrail, according to police. They found a loaded .38-caliber pistol on the other side of the guardrail. Tri-County Ambulance transported Putnam to the hospital. He was charged with OVI, failure to control and weapons while intoxicated.

East Liverpool

Officers were shown a video in which two men reportedly assaulted Marcus Beebout, 18, Thompson Avenue and took a cell phone owned by Beebout’s mother. Beebout told police the incident began earlier in the night when one of the men asked him to drive to the bus station in Pittsburgh to pick up the other for $20, to which he agreed. On the way back, Beebout’s car ran out of gas in Hookstown, angering the man, who accused Beebout of not using the entire $20 for gas. The other men’s mother came and picked them up, leaving Beebout behind, but he got a ride home with a Good Samaritan and, when he arrived home, found several people waiting for him, including the two men, when the assault allegedly took place. According to reports, information was sent to the prosecutor to consider possible charges.

East Liverpool

Charles A. Moore, 49, Glenn Street, was charged Saturday with domestic violence after Charlotte Gray, East Eighth Street, reported her live-in boyfriend slapped her “upside her head” and threatened her. Moore was located by police on Green Lane and arrested.

Officers responded at 3:05 a.m. Tuesday to Golding Street where Mark A. Mills, 33, Market Street, was reportedly threatening to jump from the Newell Bridge. He admitted to officers he had been drinking and made comments about being depressed, according to reports. Mills was charged with disorderly conduct/intoxication.

While southbound Thursday night on Mulberry Street, Shauntrice K. Carter, Meadow Road, reportedly lost control of her vehicle, striking a parked car owned by Concetta C. Franczek, Mulberry Street. No charges or injuries were reported.

East Liverpool

Officers responded to Rural Lane Thursday after a recovery coach from the county mental health center reported Mark Paradinovich, 48, was threatening suicide and to kill others, saying he was carrying a gun and knife. Officers arrived and called Paradinovich on his cell phone inside the house and told him to come outside. They reported he was obviously intoxicated by the way he was yelling into the phone but he complied and came out, lifting his shirt when told to show he had no weapons. He was charged with disorderly conduct/intoxication. Reports indicated Paradinovich had been arrested Tuesday for criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct after employees at the Cove Lounge called police to have him removed for causing problems. Officers reported he was highly intoxicated at that time and had to be taken to the floor to be handcuffed after refusing to leave when told.

While on patrol, an officer saw several people standing in the ABC Carryout parking lot and said Chad Copper, 18, Pennsylvania Avenue, was holding a can of beer. As officers approached, Copper reportedly set the beer on the pavement by his feet. He was cited for open container in public.

East Liverpool

Police responded to a Lisbon Street home Monday after Mary Ann Parr said her nephew, Michael F. Earich, 40, was on his grandmother’s back porch, sitting in a chair with a plastic milk jug. The jug contained an inch of gasoline, and Earich was reportedly huffing the fumes, according to his aunt. Officers charged Earich with abusing a harmful intoxicant.

East Liverpool

While on a traffic stop on West Eighth Street, officers reported hearing a vehicle accelerating and approaching them at a high rate of speed. They stepped back from the highway as the vehicle passed them without slowing or moving to the other lane, coming within two feet of Patrolman Kelsey Hedrick, according to reports. The vehicle was stopped and the driver, Alan P. Jakes Jr., 33, Main Street, Wellsville, reportedly said he had failed to see the officers or their three cruisers with the lights activated. When asked for his license, registration and insurance information, Jakes reportedly reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a box of baggies and a digital scale, which he placed on the seat beside him. He was asked to step out of the vehicle and officers reported seeing him toss something underneath the vehicle. They retrieved a baggie containing suspected marijuana. Jakes was charged with possession of marijuana, driving under suspension and approaching a safety vehicle displaying its emergency lights.

Officers responded to Princeton Street where a caller reported Amanda G. Banfield, 26, Smithfield Street, had kicked in the door and beaten up his girlfriend, Alyssa M. Hoberek, 26, Princeton Street. Hoberek told officers she heard someone knocking on her door and came downstairs to find Banfield. A fight ensued which officers said had actually started the night before over the purchase of illegal narcotics then carried over to the next day when Hoberek invited Banfield to her home via text and social media to settle the argument. Banfield denied kicking in the door. She was charged with criminal damaging due to the damage caused to Hoberek’s living room during the fight.

Employees of the Cove Lounge on Dresden Avenue called officers Tuesday to remove Mark D. Paradinovich, 48, Rural Lane, who they said was causing problems. Officers advised him to leave the premises twice, but he reportedly refused, swearing at them at one point. He had to be put on the floor to be handcuffed after being charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct/intoxication.

Officers were called to an Ohio Avenue residence to remove several people from the front porch, among them Benjamin G. Mercer, 29, state Route 46, New Waterford and Brent T. Miller, 29, Memorial Road, N.E., Kensington. Both men were asked if the vehicle they were in contained anything illegal, and Miller reportedly handed officers a marijuana pipe with marijuana residue, while Mercer gave them a small bag of marijuana. Both also had open cans of beer, according to reports. Mercer was charged with open container and possession of marijuana, and Miller was charged with open container and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Officers made a traffic stop on Harker Avenue and reported the driver, Abby J. Atwood, 26, East Liverpool, smelled of marijuana, as did her passenger, Joseph Dorsey, 33, Erie Street. Atwood said they had smoked marijuana earlier, according to reports. K-9 officer Ivo was called to search the car, although nothing was reported found. Dorsey was patted down and a wallet containing $3,275 in cash was found, with officers saying the wallet and money both smelled strongly of marijuana. Officers reported they suspected the money was drug-related and seized it, giving Dorsey a receipt, although he told them it came from selling a car. Atwood was charged with driving under suspension. Dorsey was not charged.

East Liverpool

Police responded to a call Aug. 29 at Giant Eagle, Bradshaw Avenue, of an elderly woman who had a bowel movement while walking from the front of the store to the restroom area. Employees stated it took some time to get the area sanitary. EMTs were called, however the woman refused treatment.

On Aug. 29, police confiscated a 12-gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun from an Ambrose Avenue residence after an unnamed male discovered it while cleaning out a closet. The man, who identified himself to police as a convicted felon, said he was cleaning out the vacated house and immediately alerted authorities once he discovered the gun. According to reports, the gun was missing the stock portion and was inoperable.

A female caller reported Aug. 29 the theft of a front license plate from her vehicle. She was advised to contact the BMV.

Ronald A. Hayes, West 6th Street, reported Aug. 28 that a male known to him had borrowed his vehicle to use for work but now refused to return it despite several attempts by Hayes to contact him. Police did make contact with the individual and the vehicle was returned.

Sara Welsh, no address listed, reported Aug. 28 the theft of her purse, which included an iPhone 5S, medication, and a wallet with personal items, from her vehicle while it was parked along Market Street. Surveillance footage from the Hot Dog Shoppe, where Welsh had stopped for lunch, showed a vehicle pulling alongside her parked vehicle. The footage shows the male driver and his female passenger exiting and having a brief discussion before the male opens the front passenger door of the Welsh vehicle and takes an item. He then opens the rear passenger door and is shown taking another item. The two individuals then quickly return to their vehicle and leave the scene, the report states, A vehicle matching the description was pulled over later that day by a Liverpool Township officer. The occupants, a male and a female, both named in the report, also matched the description, including the clothing they were wearing. According to reports, the two stated they were in the Market Street area because both had family living in the downtown. However, nothing denoted missing in the report was discovered within the vehicle. Pictures of the individuals were taken and both were advised that detectives soon would be contacting them.

Employees at Smith Oil, St. Clair Avenue, reported Aug. 27 the driver of a silver Volkswagen, last seen traveling toward the downtown, drove off without paying for $11 in gasoline.

Child services was contacted after a small child, no age specified, was discovered Aug. 24 attempting to cross Dresden Avenue in the area of Grant Street. The child, according to reports, was trying to go to the store to get candy. She was unable to give her name or those of her parents and was taken to the police department where she was provided some treats and cartoons while officers attempted to locate her parents. According to reports, officer Shawn Long went door-to-door in the area where the child was found, finally locating the mother at a Norton Street address. The mother, identified in the report as Angel Ours, said she was not aware the girl was missing. The report stated Ours “appeared unconcerned and stated the child has only been gone about half-an-hour.” When told by officers the child had been with them for two hours, the mother stated she believed the child to be with her grandmother in the upstairs of the residence. The mother was advised that children services would be contacting her.

Police received a call Aug. 22 from a unnamed male stating he was robbed of an Ohio State jersey by a male last seen running south on College Street.

Corey McQueen, no address listed, was cited Aug. 22 for a left of center violation and driving with an expired license following a traffic stop along Dresden Avenue.

An officer responded Aug. 21 to a Globe Street residence following a report of damage to a garage door.

Joshua K. Lamp, no address listed, reported Aug. 16 his wallet, which included his identification and a bank card, was removed from his unlocked vehicle while it was parked along Morton Street.

Brian Mercer, no address listed, reported Aug. 15 his iPhone 5S with a green/gray OtterBox cover was taken from his vehicle while it was parked at AutoZone, West 3rd Street.

An officer on duty at Heights Manor, North Shady Lane Drive, reported Aug. 22 seeing an individual on the facility’s no trespassing list enter building 390. According to the report, a female residing at the apartment did not cooperate with the officer and was advised she may face eviction for having the individual in her residence.

Tony L. Hilton, Mapletree Street, reported Aug. 30 the theft of a stereo from his residence. He stated his landlord advised him the back door to the residence was open, and upon returning home he discovered the door had been pried open. Hilton reported he was renting the stereo from Aaron’s.