Two arrested in bank parking lot

CALCUTTA – Two individuals, describing themselves as homeless, were charged with possession of drug abuse instruments after a St. Clair Township Police officer spotted what he believed to be suspicious activity within a parked vehicle off Oakmont Avenue.

According to reports, township officer Christopher Davis was on patrol Aug. 13 near PNC Bank, 4961 Oakmont Ave., when he noticed a white-colored vehicle parked behind the bank, along the hillside – seemingly out of view of traffic

“This officer felt that they were being suspicious due to the bank being closed and drug activity being reported in the area,” the report read.

Inside the vehicle were Kimberly A. Beatty, 22, who was in the driver’s seat, and her passenger, Mason A. Jones, also 22.

After identifying the occupants and completing warrant checks, Davis, in his report, stated Jones appeared to be trying to hide the center console of the vehicle from the officer’s view. Both were asked to exit the vehicle, and while doing so, Davis stated Jones was “messing with something” on the passenger side floorboard.

Both were placed in handcuffs, and Davis went to the vehicle’s passenger side where he discovered what he described as a needle cap and a lighter on the ground outside the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, a “syringe plunger,” two open syringes – one being pulled apart – and a burnt spoon with residue were discovered on the passenger side floorboard, read the report.

The center console revealed tourniquets, while a backpack, reportedly containing alcohol pads, a burnt spoon, cotton swabs and another tourniquet, was found on the passenger seat.

The report states that it was believed “Beatty and Jones were in the process of shooting heroin” when the officer arrived on the scene.

Both Beatty and Jones were to appear on the charges this morning in East Liverpool Municipal Court.