St. Clair Township

Adam Roberts, no address listed, reported his mother’s satellite dish was tampered with at her Cannons Mill Road home, with the connection stripped from the rear of the dish, disabling it.

Officers responded to the intersection of East Liverpool Road and state Route 267 Monday for a fight between two drivers. There, they were advised by Dana Swartz and Matthew Cain that they were going to pick up a truck Cain was selling to Steven Swartz because Steven Swartz had failed to make payments. They reported their vehicle was cut off by a vehicle driven by Steven Swartz who they said threatened Dana Swartz. No one wanted to file charges, and Steven Swartz retrieved his personal belongings from the truck before they all left the scene.

The home owner at 16172 Annesley Road reported someone has been stealing his mail, possibly someone known to him. He told police about $200 worth of items have been taken from the mail. His full name was not included in reports.

An employee of Columbiana County Memorial Park reported the park’s credit card had been used without permission to purchase numerous items.

Maple Drive residents complained of trash being dumped on their property, possibly by someone from the nearby motel. A bank statement was found among the trash, and officers will attempt to contact the person whose name was on the statement.

Officers responded to Staunton Avenue Wednesday for a domestic dispute where an EMS service was called for a woman who is 5 months pregnant. The report indicated McDean R. Shreve, 43, was arrested, although no details were given or charge specified.

Employees of Kmart reported a shoplifter who took cosmetics. The woman was identified before she left the store, and charges are pending.

Jessica Dickson, Y&O Road, reported Sunday she was upstairs and when she came back downstairs, the front door was standing open and her house keys were gone.

St. Clair Township

Officers were dispatched to East Liverpool Road Sunday for an intoxicated man walking but they found only four troopers from the Lisbon post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol who indicated they had taken the man into custody. The troopers reported the man and another man had stolen a pickup truck from Sidehill Road in the township and it was recovered on Hammond School Road. The case remains under investigation. The names of the two men were not released, and no charges were reported.

A home at 50132 Duke Road was reported broken into. The name of the owner was not reported.

St. Clair Township

According to reports, officers transported an 83-year-old man to East Liverpool City Hospital after an incident Aug. 19 near the “tubs” area of Fredricktown.

Police were advised of his location by a taxi driver, who dropped him off there but had become concerned the man may harm himself.

Once on scene, officers spoke with the man, who reported he had been depressed and wanted to come to his favorite spot. Others in the area stated the man arrived only shortly before the officers and they didn’t notice anything unusual.

The man was wearing blue jeans, a long-sleeve shirt and also a quilted flannel shirt, which officers questioned due to the reported 80-plus degree temperature. The man stated “no” when asked if he was hot, but officers reported the man appeared confused and also seemed to have a hard time hearing.

When asked if he had a weapon, the man acknowledged he did. Officers located a loaded .22 caliber revolver in the man’s front pocket of his jeans. The man stated the gun was to protect himself from wild dogs in the area. When asked, the man stated he did not want to harm himself. Later the man told paramedics on scene he was depressed over some medical conditions and the fact no one would help him. He refused transport via ambulance, leading the police to drive the man to City Hospital.

Jessica J. Butcher, Y & O Road, reported Aug. 17 that a male known to her took $280 from her throughout the day as she drove him to locations throughout the East Liverpool area.

Officers responded Aug. 19 to a state Route 170 location and advised parties involved in a dispute over personal property to contact their attorney.

Police responded to a call Aug. 19 of a vehicle driving northbound in the southbound lane of state Route 11. No details reported.

Officers were dispatched Aug. 18 to an Echo Dell Road residence in reference to vandalism of property. No details reported.

Police responded Aug. 18 to a Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road residence in reference to an identity theft report. No details reported.

Officers responded Aug. 18 to a Cornell Street residence in reference to a missing wallet. No details reported.

Police responded Aug. 17 to a fast food establishment, state Route 170, regarding phone harassment. Officers spoke to the parties involved. No details reported.

St. Clair Township

Tariq Larkins, Shepard Avenue, East Liverpool, was charged with no operator license and receiving stolen property following a traffic accident Aug. 17 along Old Fredricktown Road. According to reports, Larkins’ vehicle was following a vehicle driven by a teen driver, age 16, and as the teen’s vehicle was turning left into a private drive, Larkins attempted to pass, striking the vehicle. The Larkins vehicle then went off the left edge of the roadway and into a lawn, traveling through the lawn and striking a ditch. No injuries were reported to either driver or two passengers in the teen’s vehicle. Larkins’ vehicle is owned by West End Auto Rental, and it was reported stolen by Laura Kotsch, no address, who had rented the vehicle and had reportedly left it the night of Aug. 14 at an Old Fredricktown Road residence following a party there. Kotsch told police she had received a ride to her home that night, and believed she had the keys to the vehicle in her purse. Kotsch received a phone call on Aug. 17 from her Old Fredricktown Road friend telling her the vehicle was gone from the driveway, it had been involved in an accident, and that Calcutta Towing had removed it from the scene. Kotsch then reportedly contacted police, stating her keys to the vehicle were missing and that she had not given them to anyone or permitted anyone to drive the vehicle. Larkins was to be arraigned Monday in East Liverpool Municipal Court.

Justin C. Griffith, 27, no address listed, was charged with disorderly conduct, aggravated menacing and having weapons while intoxicated following an incident Aug. 14 at a Y & O Road residence.

According to reports, Griffith was holding a small black pistol, with a blue towel wrapped around it, when he entered a female’s residence in which he had been a guest for two days. Griffith reportedly threatened to kill the woman and also used racial terms against her three children, who were standing in the room. The woman reportedly used a folding knife to protect herself, pushing Griffith away from the area and dialed 911. The female stated Griffith fled the house and went to the driveway, where he was when police arrived.

Officers stated Griffith was leaning against his vehicle, was unsteady on his feet, had glassy eyes and slurred speech and was rambling excessively about his clothes inside the house.

Griffith was searched and detained in the police cruiser for safety. The gun was reportedly located between the house and a garage. The knife also was taken as evidence.

According to reports, the woman asked Griffith to originally leave the residence due to his behavior. He was gone for a day, but the woman sent a text message to Griffith to come to the house and get his shoes. A phone argument ensued, reports read, which was followed by Griffith’s appearance at the home.

Griffith was to appear Aug. 15 on the charges.

Shawn Hubbard reported Aug. 17 that sometime overnight Aug. 16-17 the driver’s side rear tire on his pickup truck was cut, causing $80 damage, while it was parked along Echo Dell Road.

Officers, during a traffic stop Aug. 16 along Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road, took the driver, Todd A. Hawthorne, 32, no address listed, into custody after it was determined he had an active, but unspecified, warrant out of East Liverpool Municipal Court. He was transported to the East Liverpool Police Department where he later posted bond. In addition, Hawthorne was charged with driving under suspension and failure to obey a stop sign. His court date is Aug. 22.

A Discover credit card, found by an unnamed male Aug. 16 along McGuffey Drive near Dresden Avenue, was returned to its owner by an officer.

Officers took a report Aug. 15 at a Cannon Mills Road residence in reference to a dog bite.

Police responded Aug. 15 to a Lois Lane residence in reference to a missing juvenile. Following a short investigation, police stated the teen returned to the residence.

Shawn Flesch, state Route 170, reported Aug. 15 that his vehicle had been damaged on both the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle while it parked in the garage.

A McDonald Street resident requested Aug. 14 that his property be checked due to the garage lights being found turned on. Police reported everything appeared secure. In addition, the alarm system was activated and extra patrols were placed on the property due to previous attempts to enter the garage.

According to reports, a vehicle driven by Cheryl A. Camerlin, Cornell Street, East Liverpool, was waiting at a red light Aug. 14 at Y & O Road and state Route 267, when it was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Brian D. Whitson, East Liverpool Road, East Liverpool. The report read that Whitson was at fault in the accident, which caused damaged to both vehicles, but no citations were listed.

A two-vehicle accident took place Aug. 12 along state Route 170 with Dorothy A. White, Anderson Boulevard, East Liverpool, and F.M. Sutherland, Vine Street, East Liverpool, as drivers. According to reports, the Sutherland vehicle pulled from a business, drove into the middle lane of the eastbound lanes of 170, then dropped back into the right lane, striking the White vehicle and causing damage to both units.

St. Clair Township

While on patrol, an officer reported seeing Kurtis A. Netherland, 21, state Route 267, driving and found he had a suspended license. Netherland was stopped on state Route 170 and the K-9 officer was used to check the vehicle. He alerted on the door, and a glass smoking device was reportedly found in the vehicle, wrapped inside a T-shirt. Netherland was charged with possession of marijuana paraphernalia and driving under suspension.

Officers responded Saturday to a Cannons Mill Road residence where Patricia Beaver reported her brother, Gary Woolmaker, 52, same address, was intoxicated and kicking doors, making her concerned for her safety. They arrived to find a group of people in the driveway and a large number of empty beer cans strewn across the driveway and the garage floor. Officers reported the Woolmaker was rambling in his speech, unsteady on his feet, smelled strongly of alcohol and was arguing with his sister, throwing trash, kicking and slamming the door, despite being warned to stop his behavior. He was charged with disorderly conduct/public intoxication and disorderly conduct/turbulent behavior. The other people were escorted off the property and told not to return.

St. Clair Township

Alyssha M. Hobrek, 26, no address listed, was arrested Aug. 13 on an unnamed active warrant along Purinton Avenue, where she had been operating her vehicle. She was issued a summons to appear Aug. 15 in East Liverpool Municipal Court.

Cynthia Woods, Y & O Road, reported Aug. 14 her bank account had been accessed and unauthorized purchases made from locations in South Carolina.

Police took a report Aug. 14 from a man who stated he received a counterfeit $20 bill while cashing a paycheck at Walmart.

Police received a call Aug. 13 from a Lyle Street resident who claimed to be having a juvenile problem with a daughter.

Officers met Aug. 13 with a female outside the emergency room of East Liverpool City Hospital who filed a report of domestic violence that occurred in the township.

An officer was dispatched Aug. 12 to a Cherry Lane residence in reference to someone being harassed by a neighbor, with no others details reported.

Officers were dispatched Aug. 12 to KFC, state Route 170, in reference to a drive-thru customer paying with a counterfeit $20 bill, with no other details reported.

Justin R. Holmes, Cherry Lane, reported Aug. 12 that as he was cutting grass, a person known to him reportedly threatened him with a hammer. Holmes stated the incident stems from a property dispute. The officer advised Holmes on how to file charges should he elect to do so.

Officers responded to a disabled vehicle Aug. 12 along Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road, near the Pennsylvania state line, which was sitting in a lane and blocking traffic. As a wrecker was called, the owner of the vehicle appeared on scene and reported the vehicle was out of gas. The vehicle then was moved from the roadway.

Police took a report Aug. 12 from an unnamed individual who claimed to be receiving threatening calls and text messages from a person known to him.

Amber L. Boley, no address, reported Aug. 12 her phone was missing and the last place she remembered having it was while she shopped at Rue 21, Dresden Avenue.

St. Clair Township

Linda L. Weyand, 47, Chaffin Avenue, was charged with theft after Walmart employees reported seeing her place several items into her purse, walk through the checkout and pay for some items, but not those in the purse.

Police charged Shauntrice K. Carter, 20, Meadow Road, and Jasmine A. Petties, 21, Erie Street, with petty theft after Walmart employees reported they placed several items of clothing in their purses and left without paying. After arresting the women, police allowed Carter to go to her car to retrieve her keys and reported finding more clothing there with Walmart tags. They reported Carter said she had made two trips to her vehicle with clothing she had taken from the store.

St. Clair Township

An officer reported seeing a vehicle pull into the Four Seasons Mini Mart on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road with a juvenile driver he knew had no driver’s license. The passenger, and owner of the vehicle, Shayne M. Welling, 19, exited the vehicle and went into the store and, when he returned, got into the passenger seat, according to reports. The officer checked and found that Welling had no driver’s license and had outstanding warrants. He was cited for driving under suspension and wrongful entrustment, while the juvenile was cited for driving without a license. She was not named in reports. Welling was served with the outstanding warrant by East Liverpool police and taken to county jail. His vehicle was towed by Calcutta Towing.

Officers charged James M. Douds, 22, Clark Avenue, with petty theft Monday after Walmart employees reported seeing him remove several phone cases and a phone charger and concealing them then leaving the store without paying for them. Douds had reportedly paid for other items.

A Mort Drive resident reported returning home to find the door forced opened and a television and laptop computer taken. Her car had been stolen two days prior from Vine Street in East Liverpool, and she told officers the same person probably committed both crimes. The woman was not named in reports.

Officers responded to a McDonald Street residence for a report of a breaking and entering, with no other details reported.

Austin Rice, no age or address listed, reported a person he knows broke off a spotlight mounted on a roll bar on his Jeep while the vehicle was parked at the Calcutta YMCA. He was advised the procedure for filing charges with the law director.

Garrett Mays, no age or address listed, reported that Glen Beaver, Y&O Road, stole his dirt bike and had it at his residence. Beaver told officers Mays would not pay a $100 debt owed for repairs to the bike. Since there was no written agreement or mechanics lien available, the bike was returned to Mays.

Officers responded to Lois Lane for a report of an unruly juvenile, with no other details reported.

St. Clair Township

Officers were called Sunday morning to the Taco Bell parking lot for a man in a vehicle threatening another man but saw a vehicle matching that description leaving the lot at a high rate of speed and followed it onto the state Route 11 on-ramp. They reported it was extremely close to a pickup truck and initially would not stop. When the vehicle did stop, the driver, Robert W. Petty III, 23, Lisbon Street, was charged with OVI and following to close. His passenger, Marissa L. Hughes, 20, Fairway Road, reportedly got out of the vehicle twice and then became upset when told she could not speak with Petty and was charged with disorderly conduct/intoxication.

While on patrol, an officer reported seeing Kenneth J. Fitzwater, 22, Blakely Street, soliciting money on the state Route 11 off-ramp onto East Liverpool Road after he had already been warned against such activity twice. He was charged with prohibited soliciting on a highway.

St. Clair Township

Officers were called to Walmart Tuesday for a long-time employee allegedly being caught stealing from the store and arrested Kurt D. Dehaven, 54, Michigan Avenue, for petty theft. According to reports, Dehaven was caught taking about $22.50 worth of items in his lunchbox that day after a tip was received that he had been stealing. When questioned, Dehaven reportedly admitted he had been stealing from the store since the fall of 2013 and had taken about $10,000 worth of goods since that time. He has been an employee for 16 years, police reported. The petty theft charge reflected only the incident reported Tuesday.

Responding to a report of an accident on Huston Road at 6:16 a.m. Sunday, officers were advised by resident James Lyons that a vehicle had crashed into his fence, gotten stuck for a few minutes, broken a fence post then was driven around in the field before the driver opened a gate to exit the field and then drive south on Huston Road. Neighbors told police the vehicle had come from a house a couple doors down on Skyview Drive and had been driving up and down the road several times throughout the night. They also said a passenger got out of the vehicle and yelled to the driver that he was too drunk to drive and he was not riding with him because he did not want to get killed. The officers went to the nearby residence and spoke with an occupant who said he had had a party and had taken everyone’s keys but that Garrett Speelman, 19, Martha Street, somehow got his back and took off. Officers went to Speelman’s home and found him and the vehicle with damage they said corresponded with what Lyons had reported. They reported Speelman smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot, glassy eyes, but denied driving his vehicle home. Sobriety tests were administered and he was charged with OVI and failure to control.

St. Clair Township

A domestic violence warrant was issued for Paul Golden, 28, Irish Ridge Road, after a neighbor reported hearing the residents below her arguing and Golden telling Lisa Golden, “This will be your last breath.” When the neighbor told him she was calling police, Mr. Golden reportedly told her to do so and, “You’re next.” When officers arrived, Lisa Golden told them Mr. Golden had pushed her on the bed, grabbed her throat and covered her mouth and nose.

A customer at Burger King reported leaving a pink purse in the restaurant, but it was not found. A surveillance video reportedly showed an employee clocking out, walking out with a pink purse and leaving. When asked, the employee said she thought the purse was hers and that another employee was playing a joke by putting it in the dining area since it is common for employees to hide each others’ property and because she owns a purse like the one in question. The company did not want to pursue charges, according to reports.

Officers were dispatched to Lois Lane for an unruly juvenile, with no other information reported.

A mailbox was reported missing from its post on Cannons Mill Road.

A driver reported seeing a man leaning over the hood of a vehicle, at the former movie theater on state Route 170, pointing a gun at another person. Officers responded and spoke to three men, who said they had purchased the BB guns at Rogers Community Auction and were shooting BBs at each other. The case is under investigation.

Valorie Vuletic, no address listed, reported on-going harassment from a man she knows, the latest incident at Sheetz in Calcutta.

St. Clair Township

Officers received word that a person of interest in several car break-ins was getting into a vehicle at the Oakmont Plaza. They found the man, who denied any wrong-doing, refusing to speak with officers without an attorney present. Another man, Blake W. Kazee, 30, Eighth Street, Wellsville, was also at the scene and reportedly volunteered the information that he had a pill bottle containing marijuana in his gym bag in his car, which he gave to officers. He was advised by officers it would be in his best interest to distance himself from the other man, who is a person of interest throughout the county in multiple cases, and Kazee agreed he did not want involved with a thief, according to reports. Kazee was charged with possession of marijuana.

Lorraine M. Constantine, 38, Midland, Pa., was charged Sunday with theft and possession of criminal tools after a Walmart employee reported seeing her place items into a black birthday bag that held store shopping bags then walk out without paying for the items. She had her young child with her at the time, according to reports.

Keith Y. Graham, 35, North Shady Lane, was charged Friday with petty theft after a Walmart employee reported he walked out of the store without paying for more than $92 worth of merchandise.