Ohio Department Of Natural Resources

A park officer on patrol Friday at Beaver Creek Horsemen’s Camp received several complaints of loud music and heard the music coming from a horse trailer. Quinn M. Kahriq, Jerusalem, Ohio, reportedly admitted the music was coming from his trailer and agreed to turn it down. He was cited for the loud music infraction.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

While patrolling Beaver Creek State Forest near Grimm’s Bridge, wildlife officers came upon Richard T. Mann and other individuals with open beers in their hands. They learned that Mann was the driver for the group, but said he was having trouble walking and was determined to be unsafe to drive. The others were also intoxicated and had no driver’s licenses, according to reports. Mann called his nephew to drive them and they left in his vehicle with the nephew driving. The wildlife officers caught up later with Mann’s vehicle and found him to be driving it. They called an East Liverpool police officer, who administered field sobriety tests and a portable breathalyzer, and Mann was cited with OVI and deterring/interfering with a wildlife officer’s order.