Man attempts to rob store

UNITY – A man reportedly attempted to rob the Vittle Village in Unity on Wednesday evening, but got away without any money.

The county sheriff’s office was alerted at 7 p.m. Wednesday that a white man had walked into the store on state Route 14 and went to the counter where the Ohio Lottery tickets are sold. The man, described as between 30 and 40 years old, had his right hand in his jacket pocket as if he had a gun and demanded all the money.

The clerk told him she had no money, but he demanded money again. She responded by yelling for another employee and at that point, he fled out the door. The man reportedly left in an older blue four-door vehicle, which he spun out of the parking lot heading north on state Route 170 toward Petersburg. Employees told deputies there were no plates on the vehicle.

The man reportedly was wearing a lightweight green Army-style jacket and blue jeans. He also possibly was wearing a black stocking cap and had both a thin beard and mustache.