Liverpool Township

An officer was called Monday afternoon by probation officer Juli Tice, who voiced her concern that she had called James C. Craig III, 30, Florence Street, who is on probation, and found he was at Dave and Deb’s bar on Lisbon Street with slurred speech. She said he was not allowed in bars or to be drinking as part of his probation and was concerned that he would leave on his motorcycle. The officer reported seeing Craig northbound on state Route 267 and stopped him, saying Craig appeared highly intoxicated. After having him perform sobriety tests at the scene, Craig was arrested for OVI, and officers reported he also told them he was going to test positive for cocaine. At the police station, Craig’s breathalyzer showed a .253 reading, according to reports.

Jeffery Haynes, Westfield Road, reported he and his family are in the process of moving and several items had come up missing from their home, including a lawn tractor, circular saw and four bundles of flooring.

Robert and Ruth Skidmore, Gilson Avenue, reported two Hispanic men came to their door saying they were installing a fence for the neighbor and wanted the Skidmores to go into the back yard to show them the property line. They were told to go to Lisbon to obtain surveys, and one of the men got on his phone, saying he was calling his boss, while the second man walked into the Skidmores’ home and into a bedroom. They later found Mrs. Skidmore’s purse missing as well as $200 from a dresser drawer. The couple had had a new roof installed the previous day but did not recognize the two men as part of the work crew, and when the owner of the company arrived to pick up material, he said the men were not his crew members.

Courtney McDole, Price Street, reported a 55-inch television had been taken from the living room of her grandmother’s home. The television had been rented from Aaron’s, according to reports.

Chris Wilson, Park Boulevard East, reported his daughter’s bicycle taken from his property.

Eric Pagani, 7th Avenue, reported about $15 in change, CDs and two prescriptions were stolen from his truck while it was parked in his driveway, unlocked and with the windows down.

Theresa Haynes, Cadmus Street, reported the storage barn at her home on Westfield Road had been entered and the door had been kicked in on the house. Tools and miscellaneous household items had been taken. In a second report, Haynes said the house had been broken into again through sliding doors not visible from the roadway. The officer questioned her about the foreclosure sticker on the window and was advised the family had until Aug. 26 to remove their belongings. The officer said that, due to the “trashed” condition of the home, he was unable to determine if anything had been taken and he advised Haynes to make an itemized list of missing items.

Liverpool Township

Officers responded Sunday to Boyd Street for a possible domestic situation where they reported hearing yelling coming from the garage, where they found Scotty W. Haney, 27, of that address, sitting on the ground. Officers had been to the residents earlier in the evening and told Haney to stay away from family members, and he had gone into the garage. At the second call, his mother, Diane Haney, 55, reported Haney had broken her bedroom door and pushed her to the ground and she wanted to file charges. As an officer attempted to arrest him for domestic violence, Haney broke free from her and ran. The officer deployed her Taser but missed, and another officer was able to head him off and Haney was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana after a small baggie of marijuana was reportedly found in his jeans pocket.

Liverpool Township

Officers responded Sunday night to Westfield Road for a domestic disturbance, where they found Larry McConnell and his son-in-law in the driveway. McConnell had two long scratches on his face and said he and his wife, Vicky McConnell, 56, had been drinking and she tried to hit him with a masonry hammer, also scratching him with her nails. His son-in-law told officers Mrs. McConnell threw a water bottle, striking her husband and tried to stab him with a screwdriver. Mrs. McConnell told police her husband hid her alcohol and she tried to break his beer tap with the hammer. She also said he twisted her arms but showed no visible injuries, according to officers, who said she showed them scratches on her elbows at the police station that weren’t there when checked previously. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance then transported to the county jail after being charged with domestic violence.

Liverpool Township

After stopping a vehicle for crossing a double yellow line, an officer reported seeing two syringe caps on the driver’s seat and asking the driver, Kevin S. Frazier, 32, Sophia Street, if there were syringes in the vehicle. There were two syringes underneath the driver’s side floor mat, along with one burned spoon with residue, according to reports. Frazier was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and driving under suspension. His two passengers were not charged.