East Liverpool

Officers were dispatched Thursday afternoon to Giant Eagle on Bradshaw Avenue for two men on bicycles, one of whom was reported to be high on drugs. As they approached John W. Henrick, 31, Grant Street, Newell, W.Va., he reportedly stumbled and nearly fell, reached into his pocket and dropped a syringe onto the ground. The syringe, which was filled with a brown liquid, will be sent to a lab for testing, according to reports. Henrick was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments. The other man, John W. Wright, 58, Ryder Alley, was patted down, and officers reported finding he had a burnt spoon and knife in his pocket. He also had an outstanding warrant for failure to pay child support. Wright, who was identified as Henrick’s father, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

While northbound on Meakin Street Friday morning, Emmanuel L. Fellouzis, 54, Y&O Road, Wellsville, reportedly lost control of his truck when he tried to avoid a southbound vehicle. Fellouzis failed to notify police, and his vehicle was found over an embankment with heavy damage, having knocked down several small trees. He was charged with failure to control.

A Jeep driven by Mark A. Beemer, Austintown, was reportedly having mechanical trouble while he was in the lower parking area of Kent State University downtown Wednesday and it jumped into gear when started. The Jeep rolled over a retaining wall onto its top.

East Liverpool

Officers responded Wednesday to Huston Street for a report of an intoxicated man cutting himself, where they spoke with Ashley Perrine, who said her boyfriend, Keith Y. Graham, 35, same address, was taking pills and cutting himself, also using his shirt to choke her. He had fled into the woods before officers arrived, but about 30 minutes later Graham returned and officers were called back to the residence, where they found him sitting on the ground, arguing with Perrine. He reportedly pulled out a pill bottle and began pouring pills later found to be Xanax into his mouth. Officers used a Taser on Graham, who fell to the ground but still did not comply with their orders to stop taking the pills, according to reports. They sprayed mace, which forced him to spit out the pills. A folding knife was found in his pocket, and Graham was found to have self-inflicted cuts on his forearms. He was transported to the hospital and was charged with disorderly conduct/intoxication and, after treatment, taken to county jail.

East Liverpool

A cashier at the BP station on Dresden Avenue reported a customer gave her four $10 bills and a $20 bill, all counterfeit. The woman told officers she had been at Hookstown Fair and a fair employee gave her the bills, which she thought felt “weird” because they were new bills.

Jennifer Crane and Andrea Banfield, no ages listed, had been feuding on Facebook and Crane went to Banfield’s home on Smithfield Street, where a fight ensued in the middle of the street, according to police, who said neither woman was injured or wanted to file charges. Crane’s address was not listed in reports.

Lindsey D. Potts, Morton Street, reported returning home to find a basement window broken but nothing missing from the house.

East Liverpool

Responding to numerous calls of a fight behind Zatta’s on Washington Street, officers were informed it began with the theft of a purse with a witness chasing the alleged thief down the street and fighting with him. Upon arrival, officers found Herbert Jones, 26, Laura Avenue, and Harry Copper Jr., 44, Pennsylvania Avenue, behind the bar, Jones scuffed up and without a shirt. Jones told officers that he and Copper were stealing a purse and began fighting over it, while Copper said that was not the case, he had no idea who the other man was and he chase him down after seeing him steal the purse from a car by the library. Copper said the man took off running when he pulled up beside him and asked whose purse it was. While taking Jones into custody, he reportedly admitted having a needle in his pocket, and officers found a needle and crack pipe in a cigarette pack. Jones was charged with receiving stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drug abuse instruments.

East Liverpool

An officer reported seeing a vehicle exit Sixth Street Sunday, making a right turn onto Walnut Street without signaling. He activated his lights to stop the vehicle but reported it continued on, turning into the Giant Eagle lot at a high rate of speed, striking a light pole. Officers reported finding a syringe, empty suboxone wrapper and bottle of prescription pills in the pocket of driver Joseph M. Robinson, 38, Cannons Mill Road, who was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments, driving under suspension, reckless operation and no turn signal. After reportedly finding syringes and a large knife where passengers were sitting, officers also charged Gregory A. Todd, 36, East Sixth Street, and James R. Lewis, 43, Dairy Lane, with possession of drug abuse instruments.

East Liverpool

A vehicle was stopped by officers after the driver failed to use a turn signal turning from Maryland Avenue onto Pennsylvania Avenue and for having no license plate light and a missing tail light. As the officer approached, the driver, Early D. Simko, 19, Pennsylvania Avenue, reportedly began insinuating he was being harassed, demanding to know why he was stopped. Officers reported he refused to step from the vehicle when asked to do so and, when asked if he had anything he should not have, he reportedly admitted to having marijuana. A baggie of marijuana was seized from his pants pocket, and Simko was charged with possession of marijuana and the turn signal violation. Officers reported that, when advised he could lose his license for the marijuana citation, Simko “sarcastically thanked me for causing him to lose his job as a pizza delivery driver, telling me he was already thrown out of high school because people keep messing with him.” The officer reported, “I agreed that I understood why he was thrown out of high school judging by his poor behavior.”

East Liverpool

Eugene C. Simmons, a toll taker at the Newell Bridge, reported Saturday a man pulled up and asked if he could cross without paying and then pay when he returned. When told he would have to turn around, the man did and then left without incident. A short while later, the man came across the bridge from the West Virginia side, pulled up and began yelling at Simmons, telling him he had better never use that tone of voice with him again, then drove away. A short while after that, the man walked up to the bridge, bought $5 worth of toll tickets and began arguing with Simmons, leaning into the toll booth and threatening to kill him, according to reports. Simmons sprayed the man with pepper spray and he left.

Kimberly A. Herron, Ohio Avenue, asked to have officers remove her boyfriend from the house after fighting with him over Facebook, but she was advised that, since he also lived there, she would have to evict him.

Kasey D. Bailey, Thompson Avenue, reported a man she knows was at her house and an argument ensued, during which he punched her in the face, knocking her down, then kicked her in the buttocks. She was advised to see the law director if she wished to file charges.

Angela M. Johnson, Michigan Street, reported her garage broken into and a weedeater, leaf blower and can of gas taken.

Staci M. Shaw, Ohio Avenue, reported her maroon, 2003 Chevy Impala stolen. The vehicle was missing all four hubcaps, had dents in the hood and was missing the handle on the rear door.

Juley Ratkovich, Vine Street, reported a TV/VCR combination, antenna and receiver taken from her home.

An unauthorized charge was made on the debit card of Barbara Fitzgerald, Cadmus Street, at Best Buy in Youngstown.

A Giant Eagle customer reported leaving her brown wallet in her shopping cart by mistake and, when she returned, it was missing. Her name was not included in reports.

Officers were called to College Street for a person threatening to stab people, where witnesses said an argument ensued between three males, and one of them pulled a knife from his waistband, threatening another. There were no injuries, and they left before police arrived and could not be located.

A Bank Street resident reported she came home and was carrying items to her porch when a pit bull came onto her enclosed porch and attacked her dog. She had to wedge a shovel between them to get them apart, and she was knocked down. The owner of the pit bull was charged with dogs running at large, according to reports, which did not include names of the owner or victim.

Don Talbert, no address listed, reported he was standing outside Berdine’s Tavern on Sixth Street when a man he knows struck him with his vehicle, injuring his ankle. Talbert punched the man’s windshield and broke it as he drove off.

Tammy Vojnovich, Haywood Street, reported her wheelchair and her Hoverround taken from her home.

James Corbert, no address listed, reported $565 taken from his bag which he had left on a table at Bricker’s for a minute.

Allen Davis, Smithfield Street, reported being assaulted by a man he knows. He did not want any charges filed but wanted officers to tell the man not to return.

Officers responded Monday to an accident on Avondale Street, where Michelle D. Coldwell reported Paul Joy Jr. drove past her boyfriend’s house and saw her, then sped up, crashing into a ditch. He then picked up a brick and threw it at her boyfriend, she told officers, adding that she has a protection order against Joy. Joy told officers he did not know Coldwell was on Avondale Street when he drove by and that her boyfriend threw rocks at him and he crashed his car. They were advised to stay away from each other, and Coldwell was told to speak with the law director about whether or not a violation of the protection order had occurred.

Don Guthrie of McKinney’s Furniture, Bradshaw Avenue, reported a chaise and an ottoman stolen off a dolly at the warehouse.

Brittany A. Bissell, 23, Riverside Avenue, Wellsville, was cited for assured clear distance Sunday after her vehicle struck the rear of another driven by Caitlin J. Garnes, 23, Lisbon Street after Garnes slowed for a vehicle turning into the Westgate parking lot on West Eighth Street. Both Bissell and Garnes were taken by Lifeteam ambulances to East Liverpool City Hospital for evaluation.

East Liverpool

After receiving a call of someone breaking into cars in the area of Moore and Ninth streets, officers found Shawn P. Cunningham, 26, Lincoln Avenue walking away from a bicycle and spoke with him. A pat down search of Cunningham reportedly turned up a large amount of change and a syringe, as well as a phone and charger later identified by Ron Stewart, West Ninth Street, as having been in his vehicle, according to reports. Cunningham was charged with criminal mischief and possession of drug abuse instruments. Officers could not determine the owner of the bicycle.

Officers responded Friday afternoon to the home of Betty L. Adams, Jennings Avenue, who said her husband, Robert L. Adams, 38, Irish Ridge Road, had just been at the house, making threats to her and family members. She had a protection order against her husband, according to reports. Mr. Adams had left the home before police arrived, but a short time later, officers were called to Gilkinson’s Short Stop on Avondale Street where the couple was found arguing over their son. According to reports, Mrs. Adams punched her husband in the face and he slapped her. He was charged with violating a protection order.

Learning through social media of a house on Jennings Avenue with possible poor living conditions, and where puppies were being kept in a kennel on a porch, lying in their own feces, Patrolman Shawn Long responded Saturday to check out the property. He reported finding the entire porch in deplorable condition, with trash and feces everywhere, but he found no puppies on the property. He was unable to make contact with anyone at home but returned on Sunday and was able to speak with the tenant, telling him his living conditions were a health hazard and the smell was unbearable. The tenant advised Long that, since he was injured overseas, he has been unable to keep up with maintaining the property. Long contacted Deputy Service-Safety Director Dan Galeoti, who arranged to have summer youth workers help the resident clean up the property. Long reported that the resident was advised it is now his responsibility to keep up his own property.

East Liverpool

A Kent Street man was charged with several offenses Friday after reportedly striking a city police officer’s patrol cruiser. According to reports, Patrolman Steve Adkins was at his home at 3:44 a.m. walking from his garage to his back porch when he heard a loud stereo and saw a vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign then go around the front of his house. He heard a loud banging noise and ran through his house and out the front door, where a woman yelled that someone had just struck his cruiser. Adkins got into the patrol car and pursued the vehicle through several streets at a high rate of speed before it finally pulled over, and the driver, Darvis E. Foster, 35, exited, reportedly smelling of alcohol. Adkins reported seeing Foster earlier, standing outside the New Dimension Bar. According to reports, a piece of Foster’s vehicle was wedged on Adkins’ cruiser, which sustained damage to the front fender and both doors. At the police station, Foster reportedly became aggressive and made remarks to Adkins, including a comment about the officer’s teenage son, whom he said Foster knows from coaching. Foster was charged with OVI, leaving the scene, failure to control and a stop sign violation.

Called to a disturbance at Bank Street and Chester Avenue, officers spoke with Lois Hawkinberry, who reported being pushed down by her brother, who had left. She did not want to file charges.

A caller reported seeing what appeared to be drug activity taking place in a vehicle on East Fifth Street, and officers found a passenger in possession of three pills. The pills were sent for testing, and charges could be pending against the passenger.

Kimberly D. Vassar, Grant Street, reported being threatened by her grandson’s stepfather via telephone.

Virgil Boggess and Anna Allen were found fighting on Ohio Avenue, where Boggess told officers Allen had pushed him down, while Allen said he came after her with his cane, so she pushed him away. Boggess was taken by Tri-County Ambulance to the hospital and both were advised of the procedure to file charges. No ages or address were included on the report.

Charles C. Conrad, First Avenue, reported two Sawzalls and a pry bar taken from his porch.

David Hissom, no address listed, reported a theft from his vehicle while it was parked at the Moose Lodge on East Third Street.

Diana Dalrymple reported vandalism to her rental property on College Street.

While attempting to park her car at the Broadway Wharf, a driver identified only as Mrs. Poole mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brake, causing the car to go onto the railroad tracks and become lodged. Norfolk-Southern was notified and stopped all train traffic for about 13 minutes until the vehicle could be towed by Calcutta Towing. No charges were reported.

Crystal Shaw, no address listed, reported the theft of items from her grandmother’s room at Riverview Towers after she moved her grandmother to a nursing home.

Ed Wright, St. Clair Avenue, reported his door kicked in and items taken. He said the door was also kicked in to a vacant apartment.

Lacy Ramsey reported a Red Ford Raptor Power Wheels taken from her friend’s home on Bradshaw Avenue.

Brenda Criswell, First Avenue, reported her vehicle’s window broken and her vehicle ransacked, with items taken.

Eleanor Eggleston, no address listed, reported someone she knows came to her home trying to sell candles, and when she left, items were missing from her home. Eggleston told police she had not let the woman enter her home.

Mable Freeman, Ambrose Avenue, reported her purse stolen.

Samantha Dawson, Saint George Street, reported her vehicle entered and her purse stolen.

Arthur Keyser, First Avenue, reported his home entered and a television stolen.

Bernard E. Beaver, Wilbert Avenue, reported his maid and her husband stole three model helicopters from his residence.

An officer reported seeing Darin E. Stoll, 21, no address listed, throw a pop bottle into the weeds in the parking lot of Heights Manor and charged him with littering.

Brittany S. Gray, Railroad Street, reported her vehicle stolen.

A brick was reported thrown threw the front door glass at Berdine’s Bar on West Sixth Street.

Cena Mason, East Sixth Street, was charged with petty theft after an employee of the Walnut Street Dollar General reported seeing her steal a package of tee shirts by concealing them underneath her hooded sweatshirt.

East Liverpool

Officers responding Wednesday to a possible breaking and entering on East Eighth Street found the resident standing on the street along with Amy Culp, no age or address listed, who reportedly tried to open the door to the residence and would not leave. She was not known by the resident, who was not named in reports. Officers identified Culp, who they said became argumentative and smelled of alcohol, saying she refused to leave when advised. She was charged with disorderly conduct/intoxication.