East Liverpool Reports

Kenneth P. Swoger, 55, no address listed, was charged with disorderly conduct/intoxication after police were called twice to the home of Lori Reese, Pennsylvania Avenue, to remove him. The first time, officers drove Swoger home and told him not to return, and he reportedly agreed.

Breara Smith, College Street, reported an iPhone came up missing from her residence July 17 after a woman had been visiting and she later saw the woman posting an iPhone for sale on Facebook. Officers retrieved the phone from the woman and found it to be Smith’s.

A customer gave employees at the BP station on Dresden Avenue a counterfeit $10 bill but left without getting gas when told police had been called.

Annalisa Doughty, Lincoln Avenue, reported her brother had been coerced by a man and woman into obtaining a television and Playstation game from a rental company. The man and woman took the items and left him to pay for the rental contract, according to reports.

An officer on patrol reported seeing Joseph Davis, 29, no address listed, sitting in a vehicle at the downtown Giant Eagle and found he had an active indictment for possession of drugs. When the officer approached the vehicle, he reported seeing Davis hand something to his passenger, Chelsea R. Baker, 24, no address listed, who reportedly pushed the item into a body cavity. She later produced the item, which officers reported was Suboxone that Davis admitted was his that he had asked Baker to hide. St. Clair Township K-9 officer Axel was used to search the vehicle. Baker was charged with obstructing official business, and Davis was taken into custody on the outstanding indictment.

Officers responded to the River Road area for a road rage incident in which Phil E. Henderson, no age or address listed, reported another motorist riding his bumper, passing him, then slamming on his brakes. Henderson pulled into his driveway and the other driver came up to his vehicle and tried to pull open the door. At that point, Henderson told him he would use a stun gun, and the other driver reportedly said he had a gun, went back to his vehicle and acted as though he did. A verbal confrontation ensued and the other driver left. Officers located him but he denied having a gun. Both were advised the procedure for filing charges.

John Bobalik reported he had placed his cell phone on a shelf at Casa de Emanual on Mulberry Street and a woman came in, asking for a job application. He later noticed his phone missing, and someone reported the woman seeking the job application had appeared to take something from the shelf. Bobalik called his phone, and a woman answered and gave her name, also agreeing to return the phone, but she never did, according to police.

Susan Sigler, no address listed, reported she parked in front of Bruno’s Pizza on Walnut Street, went in to get her pizza and returned to find her purse missing from her vehicle. It contained her keys, checkbook and Verizon notepad.

Brent Bosco, Parkway, reported three mailboxes struck by a vehicle which left the scene. The driver, Debbie Rosenbaum, no address listed, was located and reportedly told police she wasn’t paying attention and ran off the roadway, striking the mailboxes. She also reportedly told officers she was not sure if she had to report the accident. Rosenbaum agreed to pay for the damages.

Elaine McHaffey, an employee of Columbiana-Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) reported a woman claiming to work for the CMHA had been having people fill out a fake application for housing in Newell, W.Va. She then took deposits for the housing. McHaffey advised no one is ever sent out to solicit tenants for housing.

A woman tried to make a purchase at the BP station on Dresden Avenue with a counterfeit $20 bill which she told police her son had given her and that she was unaware was fake.

Jessica Davis, Minerva Street, reported she believed her neighbor had taken a package delivered to her home. The package contained an outfit she had ordered and Davis saw her neighbor wearing an outfit matching its description.

East Liverpool Reports

An officer reported seeing a vehicle dropping off a woman at a known drug house on Blakeley Street Saturday morning and spoke to the driver, who said he did not know the woman but just gave her a ride. When advised he had dropped the woman at a drug house, the man said he was unaware of that fact and left. The woman, Jessica S. Chapman, 34, May Street, exited the house moments later and reportedly told the officer she had gone in to get a cigarette. He reported being able to see a small baggie containing a white substance in her mouth, which she tried to swallow when told to spit it out. After a short struggle with Chapman, the officer was able to force her to spit out the bag, which he reported appeared to contain cocaine. Chapman was charged with obstructing official business, with other charges possibly pending after lab results are received on the baggie of material she spit out.

East Liverpool Reports

On Aug. 18, while stopped, yielding to traffic, at the state Route 11 North on ramp, a vehicle driven by Brady M. Anderson, Lantz Court, East Liverpool, was reportedly struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Renardo L. Hollen, Ridgeland Drive, Toronto.

On Aug. 13, while stopped, to check for traffic, at the state Route 7/11 on ramp, a vehicle driven by Carl D. Mattern, 18th Street Heights, Wellsville, was reportedly struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Charlene M. Behanna, Newell.

On Aug. 4, an incident occurred along West 6th Street involving a vehicle driven by Debbie S. Haddox, Fife Coal Road, Wellsville, and a parked vehicle occupied by Jeffrey S. Bigelow, Fisher Avenue, East Liverpool. Haddox reports Bigelow opened a driver’s side door, striking the Haddox vehicle. Bigelow states the door was open and the Haddox vehicle struck it.

While behind a vehicle Aug. 3 that was waiting to turn into the Westgate parking lot, West 8th Street, a vehicle driven by Caitlin J. Gaines, Lisbon Street, East Liverpool, was reportedly struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Brittany A. Bissell, Riverside Avenue, Wellsville.

A vehicle driven Aug. 16 by Chad A. Reed, Etruria Street, East Liverpool, was traveling on state Route 11 North, attempting to exit, when a vehicle driven by Harold A. Boyer, Spring Meadow Circle, Austintown, merged onto the same lane from the on ramp, reportedly striking the Reed vehicle. Minor damage reported to both vehicles. No Injuries. No citations.

A vehicle driven by Scott L. Joy, Hibbetts Road, Wellsville, reportedly was struck Aug. 14 along Pennsylvania Avenue by an unknown vehicle that was attempting to pass the Joy vehicle. No injuries were reported.

A vehicle driven by Rebecca R. Dagenais, Lane West Road, Warren, reportedly failed to yield Aug. 12 at the intersection of Orchard Grove and St. Clair Avenue, which led to a three-vehicle accident. The Dagenais vehicle was traveling east on Orchard Grove and, according to reports, did not yield to traffic at St. Clair Avenue, striking a vehicle driven south on St. Clair by Teresa E. Foden, St. George Street, East Liverpool. The impact, according to reports, caused both vehicles to make a 360-degree spin in the roadway, and in doing so the Dagenais vehicle reportedly struck a vehicle driven by John E. Sambol, Fredericktown Road, Midland, that had stopped as the first accident took place. Injuries were listed as possible to all three drivers as well as a passenger in the Dagenais vehicle, although none were transported by ambulance, according to reports.

A vehicle driven by William Spratley, Midvale Road Wampum, Pa., was reportedly stopped at an intersection Aug. 13 along 5th Street when another vehicle, described as a black Dodge pickup, did not stop at the intersection and struck the Spratley vehicle. No injuries were reported. The Dodge, which fled the scene, had reported damage to the front driver’s side.

Private property crash reports recently were filed following incidents at a St. Clair Avenue residence and the parking lot areas of Dollar General on Pennsylvania Avenue, Milligan Hardware and Giant Eagle.

East Liverpool Reports

During a traffic stop Friday afternoon on West Eighth Street, officers reported Dacious D. Coles, 18, Ruth Street, appeared to be nervous and kept grabbing at his pocket. Asked why he was so nervous, Coles reportedly stated he just wanted to get to Wellsville. He denied having anything illegal and told officers they could check him, according to reports. Officers said they patted him down and found a pill bottle containing marijuana roaches. They also reported finding a Vicodin pill he said was for pain for a bad tooth. Coles asked if he could have the pill back and was advised he could, providing he produced a prescription, otherwise he will be charged for having it in his possession. He was cited for possession of marijuana.

East Liverpool Reports

Spotting him walking along Ravine Street, police arrested Morgan A. Birbeck, 33, no address listed, on Aug. 13 on an active, unspecified warrant out of Belmont County.

While investigating a disturbance at an abandoned house along First Avenue, police discovered Robert Buzzard, 41, no address listed, reportedly passed out on the basement steps inside the house. Buzzard was taken into custody on an active, unspecified warrant, and later transported to County Jail by a deputy.

Angel L. Byers, 44, Tip Top Alley, reported Aug. 11 she loaned $20 to a person known to her and as collateral the person gave her his watch. The man reportedly came back for the watch without payment, but Byers did not return the watch. Byers later reported she lost power at her home which later was referred to in a Facebook message to her. Police checked the home’s electric meter and discovered the front of the meter had been ripped off and fuses had been removed. She was advised to call AEP and to speak with a department detective.

Diane Chestnut, Minerva Street, reported Aug. 7, a white male wearing a blue shirt came to her home and inquired about hail damage to her roof. When Chestnut asked the person to leave, the man reportedly cursed at her and “almost broke her front gate.” An officer later located the unnamed man who reportedly worked for Canon Contracting and advised him “that was no way to act if he was attempting to get people to let him look at their roofs.”

Natalie Coles, no address, reported Aug. 6 her purse was taken from her vehicle while it was parked in a lot along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Misty P. Conrad of North Shady Lane Drive reported Aug. 12 her mailbox was pried open causing damage to the mailbox’s locking mechanism.

Patricia Tallent, Ohio Avenue, reported Aug. 10 of a verbal altercation with a female known to her, which also included a third party, a male, also known, who intervened. No physical violence took place.

Thomas C. Joy, 20, no address, was arrested Aug. 6 along College Street after police were advised he was part of a robbery against Carlos Davis, 64, no address. According to Davis, three white males robbed him of money along St. Clair Avenue and fled on foot, eastbound, along Potters Lane. Later, a witness told police the other suspects were spotted along the Sugar Street-Thompson Avenue area. It was in this area where officers located Troy Quinn, no address, and Joey Koffel, no address, and took both into custody.

James Davis, no address, reported Aug. 9 a set of Duralast brakes/rotors were removed from his vehicle while it was parked at Auto Zone, West 3rd Street.

Robert J. Davis, Jennings Avenue, reported Aug. 7 a female known to him did damage to his home. On Aug. 9, in a separate report, Davis reported the same woman attempted to gain entry into his home via a window, doing damage to the screen.

Valerie L. Davis, no address, reported damage Aug. 10 to her vehicle while it was parked along Harvey Avenue. She said the tires were flat, battery terminals disconnected and fluid caps missing. All items, the report states, later were recovered and it was discovered the air had been let out of the tires via the valve stems.

Nicholas Densmore, Grant Street, reported Aug. 14 that his vehicle was entered sometime overnight and his wallet and a bag of change was removed.

Police were advised Aug. 5 that a man, described by family as “suicidal,” had been in the woods near Heights Manor, North Shady Lane, for more than 2 hours. He entered the woods after stopping at Heights Manor to see his mother, who was not home. Family members advised police the man did not have any weapons. Upon checking on him, the man would only run away, the family stated.

An officer stopped a vehicle Aug. 6 suspected to be involved in a burglary, but it later was determined not to be the vehicle involved.

An unnamed woman reported Aug. 6 a male known to her stole her purse, which contained more than $200 and other personal belongings, while they were sharing a taxi ride, along with a third person. The known male exited the taxi at 9th Street, near the overpass.

Officers responded to a disturbance call Aug. 2 along Grandview Avenue, but after speaking with the caller on scene it was determined nothing criminal had taken place.

Cori D. Galloway, Holliday Street, reported Aug. 9 that two known individuals had been verbally threatening toward her, and one of them reportedly threw an object at her vehicle.