East Liverpool Report

Police responded to a call Aug. 7 in which a female asked officers to go with her to an Avondale Street residence so she could retrieve some of her clothing. The woman and her 4-year-old son lived there with her boyfriend, whom she stated had sent several text messages stating he was destroying her and her son’s property.

Upon arrival, the girlfriend used her key to enter the residence. The boyfriend, according to reports, attempted to get the woman to argue to the point where officers advised him to stop. While on scene, it was discovered the bed of the 4-year-old was broken and that it was soaked in urine, and the girlfriend told police she believed the boyfriend was to blame.

The woman gathered her clothing, and as she departed with police, the man yelled at the officers, stating he was “suing the officers because they came in his house.” He then slammed the door.

According to reports, the man later called 911 complaining about the police entering his home. He was advised to stop calling 911 to complain about this non-emergency, and was told if he continued he could possibly face charges. He then reportedly called back and stated he was going to hurt himself. He was advised an ambulance would be dispatched to the scene. The man again called 911 and said he didn’t need an ambulance, and that he only called because he was mad about the officers being inside his residence. At this time the man requested to speak with an officer. He was advised, however, that no one was available.

According to reports, officers were, at that time, dealing with a domestic call as well as an assault that included a brick. Once officers cleared those calls, they responded to the Avondale residence.

According to the report, “all the lights went out and no one would answer the door.”