Teens sued for trespassing and damage during drinking party

LISBON – Some Salem teens who allegedly had an underage drinking party on another person’s property are being sued by the owners in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court.

Ian and Sarah Robinson have filed a civil lawsuit seeking $6,000 from each of the partiers for trespassing and damaging their property at 255 North Union Ave.

The lawsuit names Ryan Keith Hoover, North Lincoln Avenue; Bret Ahern, Merle Road; Brandon Boyle, Apple Ridge Road; a juvenile and his parents with an unknown address; Marcus Crittenden, East Sixth Street; Blake Hochadel, Winona Road; Caleb Quinn, address unknown; Hannah Texter, Cunningham Road; Nicholas Larson, North Lincoln Avenue; and other unknown defendants. Several of the defendants have recently made appearances in Columbiana County Municipal Court on underage consumption citations.

According to the lawsuit, on Friday, June 20 and continuing into Saturday morning, the defendants occupied and vandalized the home, using it for a drinking party without the permission of the owners. The owners also claim several items were either broken or destroyed, including a Topcon Super-D camera body and lens, a custom-painted Gentex flight helmet, a large gilded antique ceramic picture frame and an antique chair.

The lawsuit claims the teens engaged in civil conspiracy to go into another’s home for a party and may continue to engage in such behavior.

Ian Robinson, who is a licensed attorney, filed the lawsuit himself.