St. Clair Township

An officer stopped a vehicle for making a turn with no signal and noticed a small child in the rear seat holding another child, according to reports. When speaking with the driver, Joshua E. Brooks, 22, Avondale Street, the officer reported seeing green leafy matter on his shirt. Brooks denied having marijuana in the vehicle. Officers reported finding a blunt with marijuana inside and a marijuana crusher in the vehicle. Brooks was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana paraphernalia, driving left of center, no turn signal and no child restraint. His mother was called to bring a child seat.

Calling from Florida, Scott Shaw asked officers to check the welfare of three children at a Smith Street residence due to an on-going custody dispute between the parents, and officers reported finding no problem.

Officers responded to a call of a dog inside a car outside the Game Stop store Friday afternoon. A report was filed.

Frank Milhoan, no address listed, reported he allowed a man he knows to take his vehicle to a shop where he works for repairs but it was never returned. When he called the shop, Milhoan was advised the man does not work there, and the vehicle was never brought there for repairs. He was advised how to file charges for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Officers responded to the Echo Dell Trailer Court for a report of a dog attack, with no other details reported.

Responding to a report of a large fight at Grimm’s Bridge Road, officers found two groups of about 16 people who had been tubing down the creek when a verbal argument ensued with some shoving involved. They separated the groups, and one group made arrangements to leave the area.

Jamie Senkbeil, no age or address listed, reported being in a verbal confrontation with another female, who punched her in the face. She was advised how to file charges with the law director.

Bradley Senkbeil, no age or address listed, reported being involved in a verbal argument with a man he knows when the man pulled a knife and made threatening gestures. The other man left prior to officers’ arrival. Senkbeil was advised the procedure for filing charges.

Denise Travers asked that her estranged husband be removed from her house on Sprucevale Road. Officers arrived and found him there and said, when told to leave, he did so on foot.

St. Clair Township

Officers responded Saturday to Glenn Street where Lena Berdine reported Brian D. Powell, 42, same address, had struck her in the face as she intervened between him and her 15-year-old daughter during an altercation. Powell reportedly pushed Berdine into a bedroom and slammed the door closed and also grabbed her daughter by the hair and dragged her through the hallway and into the living room. He then reportedly took his 8-year-old daughter and put her in the car, threw Berdine and her daughter out of the house, locked the door and drove away. Police searched the area for him and the younger daughter and put out a county-wide broadcast for him, to no avail. He was later found back at the house and arrested on two counts of domestic violence. Berdine had reported at 7:45 p.m. that night that Powell assaulted her while they were driving and the argument continued once they reached the house, but she had declined to file charges when police responded to that initial call, and Powell had left prior to their arrival.

St. Clair Township

Tires and rims reportedly were stolen July 24 from the back of a garage of an unnamed business located along Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road.

Cynthia A. Kotsch, Eagle Drive, reported July 24 that numerous unauthorized transactions, totaling $367.60, were made to her bank account.

Patricia A. Banfield, Echo Dell Road, reported July 23 a person known to her took money from her purse.

Owners of DC Music, state Route 170, reported July 23 that a withdraw for payment on a customer’s bank account had bounced, and attempts to secure the instrument, a trumpet, that had been rented to the customer had failed. The trumpet was said to be in the possession of the ex-husband of the individual who made the agreement that monthly payments would be made via a checking account. DC Music owners were advised to contact the law director’s office.

It was reported July 23 that a home along Echo Dell Road was broken into at some point during the last several days.

A report was filed July 22 from a resident of a home along Y&O Road and her concerns about a nearby abandoned house.

A traffic stop July 24 along state Route 267 resulted in the arrest of Shawn P. Cunningham, no address, who had an unnamed active warrant out of the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office. He was transported to County Jail by a sheriff’s deputy.

Report was taken July 22 on a custody dispute along state Route 170 in which the mother reported her “ex tried to run me over” and took the child.

Joshua E. Brooks, no address, was charged July 23 with possession of marijuana paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, driving left of center, no turn signal and no child restraint following a traffic stop along Park Way. According to reports, he initially was observed operating a vehicle that turned right onto Park Way, from Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road, without using a turn signal.

Officers were dispatched July 22 to Moore Avenue in which two males were witnessed attempting to enter the back door of a residence. They were seen operating a vehicle described as a white Chrysler.

Officers recovered a reported stolen cell phone on July 21 at an Echo Dell Road residence.

Officers responded July 21 to the area of Ruby Drive and Old Fredericktown Road about a suspicious vehicle, occupied by a white male, parked in a driveway. The driver stated the vehicle was out of gas and he was waiting on a friend.

St. Clair Township

Officers responded to a report of a man following women in the parking lot of Walmart, where they heard a loud noise and reported seeing a man throwing a man into the his truck. They asked if he had been hitting the windows of a vehicle sitting on the lot for sale. Michael A. McKeever, 51, no address listed, was charged with criminal mischief. According to reports, he told officers he had used methamphetamines sometime during the day.

St. Clair Township

An officer was flagged down about a man who needed an ambulance after being assaulted. No other details were reported.

Robert Jones, Y&O Road, reported he was sleeping in a living room chair when two unknown men kicked in his door and entered, shone a flashlight into his eyes and told him not to move. They took the safe from beside his chair and fled. The incident remains under investigation.

Officers were dispatched to Game Stop for a man inside the store because another man was outside, waiting to possibly beat him up.

A backpack containing cash, clothing and glasses, and a remote control truck were reported taken from a vehicle parked at Oakmont Plaza.

Tammy Coppock, no address listed, reported she was in Advance Auto on St. Clair Avenue when someone entered her unlocked car and took her purse from the seat. A motorist called police moments later to report seeing someone throwing a purse from a black car southbound on St. Clair Avenue near Oakmont Street. The purse was found to be Coppock’s. The purse and its contents, except for about $100, were recovered.

st. clair township

Officers were called to the Four Seasons Mini Mart on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road for an intoxicated man taking lottery tickets. There, they reported seeing Shayne B. Kosek, 26, Cricket Lane, reaching around one of the ticket dispensers with several tickets on the counter in front of him and scratching off tickets. He was charged with theft and disorderly conduct and reportedly was found in possession of two packages of batteries and push pops from the store.

After stopping a vehicle on Martha Street Saturday, an officer reported the driver, Brandon A. Green, 21, Martha Street, was driving with a suspended license and was shaking uncontrollably. Inside a cigarette pack, officers found a black paper they reported is often used to package heroin or cocaine and found two similar pieces in the console of the vehicle that contained powder residue. Also found was a pill bottle holding a car part that smelled of burned marijuana as well as a socket underneath the radio that smelled of burned marijuana, according to reports. Green was charged with possession of marijuana paraphernalia and driving under suspension, with other charges pending once lab results are returned.

St. Clair Township

On July 10, A vehicle driven by Courtney S. Kelly, 26, of 10th Street, Wellsville, reportedly was stopped at red light along state Route 170 when a vehicle driven by James A. Grimes, 53, of Leslie Road, Rogers, reportedly failed to stop and struck it from behind.

On July 9, a vehicle driven by Jacqueline A. Vingle, 50, of Winona Road, Winona, reportedly slowed in traffic northbound on East Liverpool Road, south of Cannons Mill intersection, when a vehicle driven by Marisa S. Ward, 34, of Old Fredericktown Road, reportedly failed to stop and struck the vehicle from behind. Ward was cited for assured clear distance/following too close. Each vehicle had two additional passengers. No injuries were reported.

Only July 9, a vehicle driven by Carl L. Collins, 47, of Cornell Street, was northbound on state Route 267, when a vehicle traveling southbound and driven by William S. White, 55, of Summerset, reportedly turned left toward Irish Ridge Road, striking the Collins vehicle, which then forced the Collins vehicle into a fence along the roadway.

St. Clair Township

Police responded July 8 to Oakmont Plaza to meet with a female regarding a theft complaint. No further information was contained in the report.

An unidentified male told police July 8 that his vehicle was damaged by an individual known to him. No further information was contained in the report.

Police responded to a dispute July 7 along Mary Street involving a landlord, Diana White, and a tenant, Amanda Henderson. According to reports, White was serving eviction papers, which she stated had to be hand-delivered, to Henderson, who contended that White attempted to force her way into the residence. White was advised by police she should stay off the property until the eviction takes place.

St. Clair Township

Timothy A. DeGraffenreid, no address, was taken into custody July 5 on an unspecified felony warrant out of Oklahoma following a routine traffic stop.

Five mailboxes along Stagecoach Road were discovered damaged July 4.

A mailbox along East Liverpool Road was reported damaged July 3.

Officers responded July 3 to an Echo Dell Road residence on a report of a juvenile being bitten by a dog.

Robin J. Jackson, West 5th Street, reported July 3 that a deer crossed the path of her vehicle while she was driving south on state Route 170, striking the passenger front of her vehicle.

A vehicle driven by Alexis S. Heard, 20, Main Street, Wellsville, reportedly was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Kevin L. Byers, 22, Township Road, Irondale, on July 7 while traveling southbound on St. Clair Avenue. Both vehicles were moved off the roadway prior to the officer’s arrival.

St. Clair Township

Officers responded to a Bell School Road residence at 12:35 a.m. Thursday for a report of a 42-year-old man found deceased in the bathroom. There were no signs of foul play, according to police.

Officers responded to Check into Cash on state Route 170 for a person trying to cash a stolen check, but the person was gone prior to their arrival.

St. Clair Township

Officers responded Monday to a residence on state Route 267 for a report of a deceased person. A physician reported the death was from natural causes, and Tri-County ambulance responded to transport the person.