On May 13 a Lincoln Street resident reported that he suspected his sister had stolen his GPS and pawned it at either Cashland in Salem or Prestige Pawn in Chester W. Va. Police contacted employees at the Salem Cashland who confirmed that a GPS matching the description of that which was reported stolen, along with a Kindle had been sold to them recently by the complainant’s sister for a total of $80. The complainant declined to press charges.

On May 17 police received a call from dispatch regarding someone driving through yards in the Water Street area. Police arrived at the scene and spoke with a Water Street resident who advised the vehicle belonged to a Main Street resident who was driving through a neighbor’s yard to reach their own driveway. A officer observed tire tracks through the neighbor’s yard ending behind the Main Street residence of the driver. Police contacted the driver of the vehicle and told her she was not allowed to drive through the neighbor’s yard. She stated she was unsure about the property line and would not do it again.

On May 20 an officer noticed the round globe inscribed with the words “Police Dept” that sits atop the light fixture on the exterior of the village police department building was missing. The officer searched the area but was unable to locate the globe. Officers did not observe anyone suspicious in the area during the following shift.

On May 20 a Salineville Road West woman reported that someone had attempted to steal her lawn decoration. The woman said a White, 1990’s Chevy pickup with a sticker across the top of its front windshield had parked in her driveway and the occupants had attempted to steal the decoration, a miniature wooden outhouse weighing close to 300 pounds. She said when she spotted the truck it took off at a high rate of speed and left the scene. The decoration had been moved slightly but was not damaged.

While on patrol May 20 an officer noticed that 2nd floor window open at a vacant High Street residence. The officer also observed a pathway in the high grass leading to the house. Police checked inside but found no one.

On May 21 police were dispatched to an East Main Street residence for a person reporting they had been bitten by a dog. Officers spoke to the complainant who stated that her neighbor’s dog had bitten her on the foot. Officers observed a laceration on the woman’s foot. Police spoke to the dog’s owner, who stated she had left the dog outside on its chain while she went to the store. The dog warden was notified of the incident.

On May 21 police were called to a Wood Street residence for a dispute regarding a rental property. The property owner stated he had evicted the tenant because he would not pay his rent. The property owner said now the tenant would not return the keys and had caused damage to the property. The property owner said he would be taking the tenant to court and he wanted the dispute between them on record. He also asked that the tenant not be allowed back on the property. The tenant later called police asking to come take pictures of the inside of the property but was advised to stay away.

On May 23 Police were dispatched to a Madison Avenue residence for a domestic situation. When police arrived they found sheriff’s deputies had already brought the situation under control. Officers noticed that Tristan Taylor, Madison Avenue, was involved in the incident and asked if deputies would bring him to the station to be questioned about a separate incident that had occurred the day before. While being interviewed by officers Taylor admitted to the fact he had possibly given police false statement during a previous investigation. He was then placed under arrest and charged with falsification and obstructing official business.

On June 24 police performed a traffic stop on a speeding motorist on Main Street. Police ran a check on the driver’s license and identified him as Donald Riggs. Police then discovered that he had a warrant out of Missouri for burglary and assault. Officers asked Riggs if he knew he had a warrant out of Missouri and he said he did not. He was placed under arrest and transported to the county jail.