East Liverpool

Officers stopped a vehicle after seeing it leaving a location known for drug activity on Laurel Lane and had the city’s K-9 unit check it.

Canine officer Ivo alerted on the passenger side door, according to reports, and a check of the interior revealed a cigar containing marijuana underneath the passenger seat.

Passenger DeShon G. Pullie, 22, Main Street, Wellsville, admitted the marijuana was his, officers reported. He was charged with possession of marijuana.

Called to Wilbert Avenue Tuesday morning for a possible domestic dispute, officers were advised that Jessica Mike and Scott D. Shreve were fighting in the bathroom upstairs.

When Mike came downstairs, she reportedly told officers there was no domestic situation, but Shreve was taken into custody and arrested for criminal trespass since he was not permitted to be on Columbiana-Metropolitan Housing Authority property.

East Liverpool

While sitting at the Dacar Industries plant in East End at 12:25 a.m. Saturday, Chief John Lane saw four males coming from the train tracks and heading east on Michigan Avenue. They reportedly took between eight and 10 garden lights from in front of a residence, breaking a couple on the street and continuing to walk with some in their hands. When they passed a truck belonging to Todd Oakes, Michigan Avenue, one of the males – later found to be a juvenile – reportedly broke off the side mirror. When they were stopped by officers, all four had alcohol on their breath, according to reports. Charged with prohibitions and criminal damaging were Steven J. Carman, 19, Bradshaw Avenue and Brad T. Dearth, 18, West Fourth Street, while the two 17-year-olds will be charged through Juvenile Court.

East Liverpool

Debbie Wynn, no address listed, reported a man told her he caught two men and a woman taking a dresser out of her storage trailer and putting them into a truck.

After a local doctor reported a patient was threatening to shoot himself and his wife, an officer spoke to the man, who agreed to go to the emergency room for evaluation.

Susanne T. Weyand, Dewey Avenue, reported several converter cable boxes removed from her home.

Officers accompanied health department personnel to a Marcus Street home for a welfare check on the two tenants and there found the back door wide open. Inside, they reported finding a movie playing on the television, syringes and drug paraphernalia in the hallway and multiple syringes and drug paraphernalia in a bedroom.

Kelly Taylor, Curry Street, reported her children’s bikes taken from the property.

Lisa Shreves, no address listed, was walking her dog on Thompson Avenue when a dog came from its house and tried to bite her. She told officers she had to kick the dog to get it to stop.

Marissa Shasteen and Donald Owens, Wilbert Avenue, reported Owens’ cousin had been staying with them for awhile and an argument ensued, after which she stole items and fled to a residence in Newell, W.Va.

Danielle Pope, Parkway, reported she was in an argument with her boyfriend and he smacked her in the face and pushed her out of the vehicle.

Shanda Pipes, Florence Street, reported her ex-boyfriend came to her home and took items. She just wanted the incident documented.

Ashley Perrine, North Shadylane, reported her live-in boyfriend started an argument then threatened suicide.

Officers responded to Dresden Avenue for a report of a man in a wheelchair being harassed. They took Donald C. Nesselrode into custody on an outstanding warrant.

Julia M. Morrison, Erie Street, reported trash being dumped into her yard.

Mary Ann Kennedy, McKinnon Avenue, reported barbecue sauce thrown onto her house.

Linda Hall, Bradshaw Avenue, reported $50 taken from her vehicle.

Keith L. Goss reported a furnace, hot water tank, range and stove taken from rental property on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Pete Gibson, Pennsylvania Avenue, reported being assaulted by Robert Guesman, Elkton, when he tried to stop Guesman from assaulting a woman, saying Guesman cut him with a box cutting tool. Guesman told police he and Gibson argued over a history show on television and Gibson assaulted him, which is when he cut him.

Betty J. Bryarley, Harker Avenue, reported that a man she allowed to stay over had choked and punched her during an argument. She said he also punched holes in the wall and took $70 from her wallet.

Ronald Beachley, Pennsylvania Avenue, reported his vehicle entered and a GPS system taken.

Betty Adams, Jennings Avenue, reported a person she knows cut the valve stems on her tires.

Doug Dahl, East Third Street, reported his home and garage entered, with items taken from the garage.

East liverpool

Local police were called by Monaca, Pa. police regarding a vehicle stolen from a repossession company that was at a residence on Brady Alley in the city, and Captain Patrick Wright went to the address to investigate. He saw the vehicle in question pulling from Brady Alley and then stop on Blakely Street, where the occupants exited the vehicle. He asked the driver, Cameron J. Otlowski, 20, Monaca, for his license and registration and told him the vehicle was reported stolen. Meanwhile, Pat King of First Class Towing arrived on the scene to retrieve the vehicle, and Otlowski began having words with King, calling him names and threatening him, according to reports. He was charged with disorderly conduct and driving under suspension.

An officer on patrol reported seeing a vehicle driving north on Avondale Street, screeching its tires, accelerating quickly, throwing up dirt and failing to stop. After attempting to stop the vehicle the officer said it stopped on Anderson Boulevard but, as he exited his cruiser, the vehicle took off again, nearly striking an oncoming vehicle, continuing on until it locked up its brakes near Mulberry Street. Another officer pulled in front of the vehicle, while the first officer pulled alongside to get it to stop, and the driver exited and began yelling obscenities. Patrolman Kelsey Hedrick deployed his Taser, striking the driver, identified as Steve M. Beaver, Saint George Street, striking him in the shoulder and arm. He was taken into custody and charged with OVI, fleeing, resisting arrest and failure to comply with order of a police officer.

East Liverpool

Rachel Owens, 47, Ohio Avenue, reported Saturday that her 22-year-old son came into her residence intoxicated and staggering and, when she confronted him about his drinking, he pushed and choked her. When she was able to reach the phone to call police, her son fled in his van. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate him.

Officers were advised about a man throwing items at a pregnant woman near the St. George Street area, but they could not locate him.

Beverly Burchett reported siding stored on her son’s property on Montrose Avenue had been taken by a woman in a white car. Officers checked at Six Recycling and were able to identify the woman, who showed up at the Montrose Avenue location to pick up another load. She agreed to pay Burchett the $27 she had gotten for the siding but told officers the owner’s wife had given her permission to take tires and clean up anything in the yard.

East Liverpool

Responding to a domestic dispute on East Ninth Street, officers spoke with Jason Tice, who said he and his wife were arguing, but she had left. However, his wife walked out of the kitchen while officers were there. Mr. Tice had an outstanding warrant and was taken into custody.

Tyler Fullerton reported being attacked by Zack Lyons, who he said took his cell phone. Lyons told officers that Fullerton called him a racial slur and attacked him. Witnesses gave varying accounts of what occurred, according to reports. Both men were advised to speak with the law director if they wanted to file charges. Reports had no ages or addresses for the men.

Brandon Fike, 21, no address listed, was treated at the emergency room after being assaulted from behind by an unknown person while he was walking on Avondale Street.

Joseph Mercer, no address listed, reported returning to his car at Thompson Park and finding the windshield smashed, possibly by a rock or football.

Angela Pecoraro, Laurel Lane, reported someone accessed her accounts and made several unauthorized charges.

Raven L. Garvey, no address listed, reported her purse stolen from her vehicle parked outside the Dollar General on Walnut Street. A witness reported seeing a man wearing a blue shirt and blue shoes in her car.

Traci Graham, Wilbert Avenue, told officers she has been having problems with a man who threatened to beat her up if she tells one more person he makes meth.

Sharlen McFadden and Jennifer Kohler reported their purses stolen from a car at Thompson Park after a window was broken out of the vehicle.

Denise Rogers, West Eighth Street, told officers a man was staying at her home and watching it while she was at church camp. When she returned, both the man and several items were missing from the house.

East liverpool

One man was charged, and an arrest warrant was issued for a second after an officer noticed a vehicle pull out against the flow of traffic on Avondale Street. Patrolman Steve Adkins followed the vehicle as it turned left onto Illinois Street, traveling about 20 feet where the driver and passenger both jumped out and began running. The vehicle then coasted backward, striking the cruiser. Adkins exited the cruiser and ordered the men to stop, but they failed to comply, with the driver running up Illinois and the passenger running past the cruiser onto Avondale Street. The passenger, Dacious D. Cole, 18, no address listed, was located by Adkins on Minerva Street and charged with obstructing official business. Detectives issued a warrant for the driver, Javen Call, no age or address listed, for felony theft of an automobile.

East Liverpool

Adam J. Zola, 25, Hermitage, Pa., was charged Tuesday morning with failure to control and leaving the scene after the vehicle he was driving east on West Fifth Street reportedly went off the side of the roadway, striking a road sign. Afterward, Zola reportedly fled the scene and was found in the Auto Zone parking lot a few blocks away. According to reports, the impact caused extensive damage to the concrete sidewalk and vehicle.

A man not identified in reports told officers he took a taxi from a nightclub Monday and left his wallet in the cab. The next day, the man retrieved his wallet from the cab company but it was missing $1,000. He could not recall what driver he had the previous night.

Maryann Kennedy, McKinnon Avenue, reported returning home to find a flowerpot knocked from a shelf, possibly by a neighbor, according to reports.

Clyde Harris, Pennsylvania Avenue, reported a $100 check cashed from his account, telling officers he had no idea how anyone got a check from his home.

Christopher Osborne, Morton Street, reported his vehicle broken into and items stolen.

Joshua Quarterman, no age or address listed, was cited for loud stereo after Chief John Lane reported he could hear Quarterman’s car stereo even before he saw his vehicle turn into the parking lot of Woodland Hills.

East liverpool

Robert DeSarro, Michigan Street, reported his estranged wife cleaned out his bank account while he was hospitalized, taking more than $300 from his son’s SSI check. He was advised to speak with the law director about possibly filing charges.

Matthew A. Tibbs, 27, New Cumberland, W.Va., was charged Monday with failure to control after he reportedly lost control of his vehicle while eastbound on Pennsylvania Avenue, striking an electric pole.

East Liverpool

Michael L. Savors, no address, was arrested July 5 along River Road on an active warrant for arson out of East Liverpool Municipal Court. He also was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments. The call initiated from the Hot Dog Shoppe, where Savors reportedly was passing out in his vehicle while in one of the drive-thru lanes. Police responded to the scene but Savor’s vehicle, which was pulling a boat trailer, had left the area. Upon checking the Broadway Wharf, officers spotted a vehicle matching the description. Savors exited the vehicle as the officer’s vehicle pulled onto the scene, and he was observed eating a hot dog. When it was discovered he had an active warrant, police conducted a search of Savors and discovered a baggie containing a white powder substance, believed to be cocaine, inside a pocket of his clothing. Needles also were discovered in two other pockets, and several packets used for packaging heroin, many with residue, was found in his wallet. The suspected drugs and drug paraphernalia was to be sent to BCII for testing, with other charges possible. Savors was transported to County Jail.

A vehicle traveling south on St. Clair Avenue, driven by Daniel A. Plumley, 35, of state Route 45, Lisbon, reportedly went left of center July 5 and collided with a vehicle driven by Terry L. Frantz, 42, of St. Clair Avenue, which was traveling north on St. Clair. Minor damage was reported to both vehicles.

A vehicle along Cadmus Street, marked for tow on June 18, was ticketed July 2, and towed for extended parking.

East Liverpool

An officer reported seeing Robert K. Barrett, no age or address listed, walking into an abandoned house at 766 Dresden Avenue Monday. Officers were unable to get into the building, but then Barrett came to the front door and was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespassing. He reportedly told officers he did not intend to steal anything but just entered the house because he is homeless and had nowhere to go. He was taken to the county jail.