St. Clair Township Police Reports for 6-4

Dan Lucas, Sidehill Road, called to have repo man Bruce Wylie removed, and officers reported Lucas was on the phone with the bank, attempting to make a payment when they arrived. Officers received an emergency call and had to leave, telling Lucas and Wylie it was a civil matter. They were called back to the Lucas residence a half hour later for an assault call, where Wylie said he was in the vehicle, attempting to remove it when Lucas and his son got inside with him and began hitting and kicking him. Wylie told officers he had to use pepper spray on them. Lucas told officers Wylie sprayed them for no reason and no assault took place. They were both advised to see the law director if they wanted to file charges.

The theft of boat parts was reported from the lot behind the Splish Splash Laundromat on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road.