St. Clair Township Police Reports for 6-18

Bianca Taylor, Martha Street, reported that, while driving on Martha Street, her estranged husband intentionally tried to run her off the road. In a separate report, Taylor reported an unruly juvenile and was given information on how to file charges in Juvenile Court.

Officers received a complaint about a man on a horse at 11 p.m. Thursday on Sprucevale Road. No other details were reported.

Charges are pending after a man reportedly climbed onto a shelf at Dunham’s and took a compound bow valued at nearly $500.

A vehicle was vandalized and gas stolen on Cannon’s Mill Road, with no other details reported.

Newspapers were reported removed from paper boxes throughout the township, with a former employee of the newspaper company reportedly seen opening the boxes and removing the papers.

An Echo Dell Road mother reported an unruly juvenile, saying her son refused to come home from a friend’s house. She was advised the procedure for filing charges through Juvenile Court.

A man ran out the door of Giant Eagle with a 30-pack of beer and entered a Jeep, fleeing on state Route 170.

Officers were called to McDonald’s for a man and woman pushing each other in the parking lot. They advised they were exchanging their children and a verbal argument ensued.

At two separate times Monday afternoon, two men entered Dunham’s and removed ammunition from the store. According to police, the men took stickers from the boxes that would have activated the security alarm. The second time, an employee confronted the men when he saw the boxes in their shorts, but the men said what he saw was their cell phones and they used profanity at the employee, according to reports. The first time, the men left with seven boxes, and the second time, with four. They were described as white men in their late 20s or early 30s. One had dark hair, balding on top and was wearing camouflage shorts and a light gray shirt. The second was wearing a ball cap, Steelers jersey and long white basketball shorts. Both were wearing black tennis shoes.

Ray Flint reported to police that someone installed a driveway on his property at the intersection of Fisher and Calcutta-Smith Ferry roads. Officers reported finding AEP stakes but said, due to the lateness of the hour, no one was working at the site to inquire about the construction. A report was completed.

The owner of a building on state Route 170 reported a screen torn out and window broken in an attempt to break in Monday.