Medical examiner testifies during murder trial

LISBON – An Akron-area deputy medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Matthew Bailey’s body testified Saturday there were a minimum of 30 blows to Bailey’s head and neck area.

Dr. Dorothy Emma Dean, testifying in the aggravated murder trial of Christopher Miller, showed an X-ray of Bailey’s head showing one side of his skull caved in. However, she also showed several photographs taken during the autopsy which showed both “roundish” and “linear” wounds on all sides of his head. Besides several skull fractures, Bailey also had a broken nose.

Dean said it was impossible to know which of the blows to his head was the fatal blow. Responding to questions, she testified the blows came from many different angles and she was unable to determine if they were made by different weapons or more than one person.

Blood pooling was on both his front side and his back. Bailey’s body was found face down in the field, but he was transported on his back to Akron for autopsy.

Dean also testified there was no injuries to his front side or the lower body in general. Bailey had some small scars or healing scratches on his hands, which she believed had been there for a while. There was also a one-eighth inch cut with a band-aid on it. She testified she did not know when it stopped bleeding, but it was no longer bleeding when she saw the body.

In Bailey’s blood, she found methamphetamines and amphetamines. She found both of those drugs and morphine in his urine. Although Dean testified she was unable to determine how long before his death Bailey had ingested the drugs, she did note the amount in his bloodstream was a high number.

Defense attorney Charley Kidder questioned Dean about the jewelry found on Bailey, two hoop-style earrings, a bracelet and a ring. He asked if she had a hard time removing the jewelry. Dean said she did not specifically remember it being difficult to get the jewelry off Bailey’s body.