Man found strangely dressed after run-in with his girlfriend’s parents

LISBON – A strangely clad 18-year-old East Liverpool-area man was found by deputies as he was walking on state Route 154 early Sunday morning after a woman reportedly caught him having sex with her 16-year-old daughter.

Richard E. Martin, 18, Sprucevale Road, pleaded no contest to criminal trespassing in Columbiana County Municipal Court on Monday, after he was accused of stealthily climbing through the window of a Morris Road, Lisbon, home to have sex with the 16-year-old girl Sunday.

According to reports, the girl’s parents have told Martin multiple times he is not welcome on the property. The girl’s mother reportedly heard sounds coming from her daughter’s bedroom, walked in and found Martin hiding naked under a blanket. The mother went to get her husband, and Martin escaped naked out the window.

The girl admitted to deputies she had allowed Martin in through her window and claimed he had a knife with him, which he allegedly told her he would use to kill her father. She also said she encouraged him to run after he was discovered.

The father reportedly threatened to harm or even kill Martin if he catches him on his property again and admitted to shooting a shotgun in the air to scare him this time.

Deputies later located Martin walking barefoot on state Route 154, near the Rogers Sale, pushing a bicycle. He had on a T-shirt, winter gloves, was holding a knife and was wearing a hoodie as pair of pants with his legs through the armholes. Martin reportedly told deputies he was at the girl’s house because it was closer to where he works and he, was putting his pajamas on when he heard a shotgun blast and a voice telling him to run.

A sentencing hearing was set for June 30.