Liverpool Township Police Reports for 6-19

Advised of a possible domestic situation, Patrolman Lacey Barker responded Monday to 7th Avenue where she found Kevin Reynolds and Amber Haney arguing about child custody. Reynolds was reportedly highly intoxicated and began arguing with the officer, who told him several times to go inside, then attempted to place him under arrest when he refused to comply. A struggle ensued and Barker pushed him from the porch, holding him against the garage as she drew her Taser. The struggle continued until another officer arrived on the scene and he was placed on the ground and handcuffed. Reynolds was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Inside the cruiser, he reportedly began hitting his head on the window until an officer had to shove him into the middle of the seat.

On patrol, an officer found a surveillance camera owned by the police department had been removed from Spring Grove Cemetery.