Lisbon Police reports for 6-8

Police responded to a possible domestic dispute between William Beesler and Angel Lake on East Lincoln Way at 12:13 a.m. Saturday. The couple said everything was fine and they just have some issues they are trying to work out.

Police reported a suitcase was found in front of Pondi’s at 8:43 a.m. Friday and a man later identified as Michael J. Thornburg was sleeping on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. Thornburg woke up and walked away but left the suitcase behind, which was taken into custody by police. A half hour later police were told that Thornburg was lying on the ground in the C & R Auto parking lot, just north of Pondi’s. When asked what he was doing, the 42-year-old Thornburg said he was “just enjoying the sun.” Thornburg, of Palmdale, Calif., said he had been drinking with some people while watching the Blackhawks-Kings NHL playoff game at the Pittsburgh Greyhound station. He allowed police to search his bag, and they found some more alcohol and prescription medication. Thornburg said if his cell phone was charged he would call his foreman at the oil and gas company he was going to work for. At this point, an ambulance was summoned and Thornburg agreed to be transported to a local hospital to be examined.

Police were called to the post office at 9 a.m. Friday in regard to a customer who believed he was having a heart attack. Daniel Lucido, 47, of Lowellville, was shaking and placed in a cruiser until an ambulance arrived. Lucido then said he was not having a medical problem and just wanted to be admitted to the hospital.

Terry Thomas, Cedar Street, reported at 9:47 p.m. Sunday his girlfriend’s son burned a hole in the carpet but he is saying his friends are responsible and he does not know their names. The officer spoke with the youth, who admitted doing it, and the officer told him not lie.

Police were called to North Jefferson Street at 8 p.m. Sunday, where Ernest Thomas accused his neighbor Robert White of having his security camera. White said he does have the camera because he does not like Thomas watching his every move. White returned the security camera and the officers left.

Terry Newlan, 69, Oakdale Avenue, Wellsville, was cited for assured cleared distance after he drove into the rear of a vehicle driven by Patricia Hawkins, 54, of Alliance, who was stopped on state Route 154 at 1:53 p.m. May 23.

Tara McDole reported Sunday afternoon that Cory Marple was trying to start a fight with her boyfriend, Tyler Lykens, on the Lions Club Road side of the dam at Willow Grove Park. Police said they had spoken with Marple earlier, and he said he had been fishing alone the entire time. McDole and Lykens were told to call back should be there be any further problems.

Floyd E. Gilmore Jr., 36, and Dana L. Duffield, 48, both of Center Avenue, and Richard A. Lips, 40, were charged with possessing criminal tools and criminal mischief after the trio were found in the parking lot of L & G Mower at 12:42 a.m. May 29. In the parking lot is a Planet Aid container used to accept donated clothing, and found next to the container was a pair of bolt cutters, and under the container was a hacksaw. Police also saw that one side of the padlock to the container had been cut and there were other cut marks found on the container.

Dustin A. Pearson, 22, Fife Coal Road, Wellsville, was cited for failure to control after he wrecked into a parked car while driving on Thomas Road at 5 a.m. Saturday. Pearson said he was messing with his broken vehicle stereo when he went off the road, striking an unoccupied parked vehicle belonging to Robert S. Culp, Thomas Road. The impact pushed Culp’s vehicle into another unoccupied parked vehicle, this one belonging to Dustin C. Culp, Danbury Avenue, Wellsville.

A caller reported a man in the area of the Fleming House was acting suspicious at 4 p.m. Tuesday. Police checked the area but did not see anyone around.

Kevin Parrish, East Washington Street, reported Tuesday that Bambi Hupp has been harassing his mother, Roberta Ash. The parties were advised to stay away from each other.

A stone replica of the Ten Commandments was removed from the southeast corner of the Lisbon Presbyterian Church and later found on East Chestnut Street. The replica was reportedly removed between Saturday and Tuesday.

A mentally handicapped patient reportedly walked away from the Lisbon Community Health Center at 11:35 a.m. Monday. The person was found sitting next to the parking lot.

Mike McGuire, East Lincoln Way, reported Monday someone removed property he had placed out for a yard sale.

A caller reported there was a truck blocking the sidewalk on East Washington Street at 3 p.m. Monday. Police spoke with the truck owner, Chris Elsass, who said he would move it.

Dale Hood, East Washington Street, reported at 4:46 p.m. Monday his neighbors were parking in the curb lawn and he wanted something done. Police were unable to find an ordinance prohibiting parking on curb lawns.

A resident of Applegrove Apartments, reported at 6 p.m. Monday he was being threatened and that he was also contemplating harming himself. Police remained until an ambulance arrived to transport the caller to a local hospital.

Joy Tuttle, Maple Street, reported May 30 hearing what sounded like a vehicle hitting something and checked later to find the small wall in her yard had been struck.

A caller from the Family Recovery Center reported seeing a suspicious person walking on North Market Street at 2 p.m. May 30. Police stopped the person in the 800 section of North Market Street, and he said was on his way home but just a little tired.

Lynn Holshue reported Monday her daughter’s Victoria’s Secret duffel bag worth $120 was stolen from the community pool.

Police responded to a call for medical assistance on South Beaver Street at 6:52 p.m. Tuesday and remained until an ambulance arrived to transport the person to a local hospital.