East Liverpool Police Reports for 6-26

John Nentwick reported a window broken out of the front of his building on Market Street.

Megan Smith, 25, no address listed, reported she was on Avondale street when a man in a small silver car grabbed her shirt and tried to pull her into the vehicle after he had been circling the block. The man was described as in his 20s, white, with an average build, wearing a ball cap. The two-door car had neon lights.

An employee at East Liverpool City Hospital reported assisting a patient to the bathroom and, while doing so, found a metal crack pipe by his pillow, which he told her to throw away. It was turned over to police, and charges are pending.

Several residents of the West Fourth Street area reported incidents, including thefts and opened windows, which they said may have been the work of juveniles. They asked for extra checks of the neighborhood.

Jeffrey D. Coleman, 50, no address listed, reported he stayed at a friend’s on Walnut Street and someone lifted his wallet from his pants. It contained $200 and his ID.

Ernest L. Carter, Moore Street, reported his watch came up missing and he later saw another resident of his building wearing it. When he confronted the person, he just laughed at Carter. Officers said they would speak to the man about the watch.

Carey D. Stotler, Pennsylvania Avenue, reported her vehicle entered and ransacked, with items taken from the glove compartment and handbags inside. In a separate report, Stotler reported she was driving in the Thompson Avenue and Ravine Street area when a man stopped her and began questioning her about her driver’s license because he didn’t like her driving. He then hit her car several times with his fist, damaging the vehicle.

Rachel Troup, Ohio Avenue, reported her identity was stolen, causing her to lost 120 points on her credit score, jeopardizing her ability to purchase a home.

Angela Hess, Daisy Lane, reported a man and woman she knows took items from her home.

Norman R. Merritt, no age or address listed, reported two men unknown to him assaulted him on Wilbert Avenue then fled in a vehicle. He suffered a split upper lip.