Wellsville Police for 5-3

A female identified as “Mrs. Yeaney” reported an accident at the station shortly after 3 p.m. April 24, wherein she was sitting in her white Ford Focus parked at Ninth Street and Broadway when a silver car came around the bend and struck her vehicle. At 3:55 p.m., police arrived for an accident report at the VFW Post 5647 on Main Street. Kylie Rich told officers that while heading north on Broadway in a silver Dodge Neon when a white car “pulled out and hit her.” Information was taken from both parties, and both vehicles are insured.

Police were called to the Independence Square home of Rachael Lawson at midnight on April 28 for a loud party. Officers arrived to find a group of people milling around the open front door of the residence and could smell marijuana smoke coming from inside. They encountered Jonathan Plum and Nicholas Faulk (no ages/addresses) smoking marijuana joints in the basement. The joints were collected as evidence; a beer keg was also downstairs. Asking to see the resident, a female pointed out Lawson, who was holding one of her sleeping children. Plum and Faulk were arrested and charged with drug abuse, with Faulk also charged with drug paraphernalia due to possessing a marijuana pipe. Lawson was advised that both CMHA and the County Department of Job and Family Services would be informed of the incident.

Thomas Persohn came to the station to inform officers that he had sideswiped a black Chevrolet truck parked alongside Main Street between 16th and 17th streets, knocking a mirror off the door. Persohn said he knocked on the door of the house the Chevrolet was parked in front of, but there was no reply.