East Liverpool Police Reports for 5-20

Responding to a report of a domestic dispute Sunday at the police station, Patrolman Chris Green found Valerie Barker crying and upset, claiming her husband, Lonnie, had beaten her up the previous night. She reported he had taken her cell phone and blocked the door to keep her from getting help while her children were screaming and crying for him to stop. When he got into the shower Sunday morning, Mrs. Barker got her car keys and phone so she could leave the house. At their Spring Grove Avenue home, Green reported finding Mr. Barker loading four-wheelers into a truck with two children present. Another officer took the children to their mother, and Barker was placed under arrest for domestic violence. After being given permission to search the residence by Mrs. Barker due to firearms being present, officers confiscated seven firearms of various caliber, several boxes of ammunition and two compound hunting bows from the couple’s bedroom. Mr. Barker was also charged with weapons under disability due to having had a previous felony conviction for assault on a police officer.

After being called twice Sunday to a West Ninth Street residence to remove David J. Locke, 41, Vine Street, officers charged him with disorderly conduct. According to reports, Lori Locke wanted him removed the first time due to drunken behavior and he was transported to his father’s house and told not to return. Less than an hour later, Lori Locke called to say he was trying to get in the front door.

Ronald L. Briggs, 50, West Ninth Street, was charged Friday night with disorderly conduct/intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia after an officer reported seeing him walking on Thompson Avenue and dropping a metal pipe. The officer said Briggs was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol.