East Liverpool Police Reports for 5-13

Dewayne J. Siebert, 30, no address, was arrested followed an incident involving a gun May 6 at a Maine Boulevard residence. Police received a call stating Siebert reportedly threatened to shoot his neighbors. Upon arriving, a Tammy Nichols, no address, and others, told officers Siebert made threats, and Nichols said Siebert also struck her leg with a mug. Witnesses said Siebert reportedly went into the residence to retrieve a shotgun, and Siebert’s mother told police “it’s not loaded” and “he’s inside (the residence).” Police went to a side door, confronted Siebert, took him outside the residence, placed him in handcuffs and sat him on the driveway. Capt. Terry Faulker observed a shotgun leaning against a counter in the kitchen and took it from the residence. Siebert was transported to the ELPD, booked and transported to County Jail.

Representatives of both Tri-County Ambulance and Lifeteam Ambulance reported receiving false emergency calls to the others’ company address. Tri-County’s call came at 11:49 p.m. April 30 and Lifeteam’s call came between midnight and 1 a.m. April 30. Both calls reportedly had blocked caller ID, and false “call back” numbers were provided. Lifeteam responded to the scene before it was determined the call was false. Company officials were to speak with the law director for possible criminal action against the caller.

Lisa Mackey, no address, reported May 8 that she believed a fellow employee of Nentwick’s Convalescent Home stole her credit/debit card from her purse while she was at work on May 7. The card was used at local businesses, and more than $141 in items were purchased. Mackey also advised police that surveillance footage of the suspect is available at one of the businesses.

Kim McGinnis, North Street, reported May 2 of an incident with Jennifer Kane, no address, in which Kane reportedly damaged a screen door at her home. McGinnis stated that Kane was upset that McGinnis witnessed another incident between Kane and a male on Riverview Street and McGinnis had not provided a written statement.

Dawna A. McCune reported May 4 the outside door of the Potters Club, West Sixth Street, was unlocked upon her arrival to clean the facility. Once inside, McCune reported discovering the security cage open and money missing.

Melvin J. Miller, no address, reported May 6 he was at a friend’s home on Minerva Street when a dog belonging to Jeremy Cantwell, Minerva Street, reached through a fence and bit him in the left biceps area. Miller did seek treatment at City Hospital.

Barry Keyes, Riverview Street, reported sometime between 10:30 p.m. May 5 and 7:30 a.m. May 6 his home was entered and items were removed, including a laptop.

Johnerik Beatty, no address, reported May 7 he was doing repair work inside a Thompson Avenue residence when the Community Action Agency van he had parked outside was hit by another vehicle, which left the scene. Beatty reported left side damage to the vehicle between the driver’s side door and rear wheel well.

An investigation was pending following police receiving a call May 5 of an 18-month-old infant who was not breathing and taken to City Hospital.

Grayce Jackson, no address, reported May 1 the tenants of property at 535 Virginia Ave., owned by Grace Presbyterian Church, had moved out but still owed $198.26 in utilities and also had damaged most of the home.

Jade N. McKinnon, Pennsylvania Avenue, reported via phone May 2 a person known to her took her phone and threw it across the street, smashing it. During the call McKinnon said the male had a warrant against him but that she did not want to make a report on the incident. Upon arriving on scene, McKinnon again refused to make a statement on the incident to Chief John Lane, but she did sign the refusal. The information, according to the report, will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

A complaint was issued on station May 4 of an elderly man who reportedly has been approaching younger males throughout the years and asking personal questions. The complainant advised police the same man just approached him again in a vehicle along East Fifth Street. Police went to the area, stopped the vehicle and attained information on the man for report purposes. The driver was advised of the complaint and told, if he is in fact asking these types of questions, he needs to stop.

Police received a call May 5 of a physical altercation near the Broadway Wharf. Upon arrival, two vehicles were leaving the scene, and witnesses advised police the occupants were involved in the incident. When stopped, the male driver of a motorcycle told police he and his soon-to-be ex-wife were arguing, but that the matter was resolved.

An employee of Tri-State Cab, West Sixth Street, reported May 4 that the company and a driver for the company were being harassed and threatening phone calls were being received.