East Liverpool Police for 5-16

According to reports, Grady Hall, no address, failed a field sobriety test administered May 10 along Curry Street. He was transported to the ELPD, read the BMV 2255 form, which is associated with OVI, and given a breathalyzer test which registered a .204. No charges were listed on the report. The incident started as a domestic call at Midway Lane where the complainant, Elizabeth A. Lowe, reported Hall had been beating and kicking the door to her residence. Hall then reportedly got into his vehicle, spun the tires, which caused gravel to strike both the house and a vehicle owned by Hall’s mother, causing damage. Tire marks were left in the driveway as well as a neighbor’s property. With the officers on scene, Hall returned but when the officer attempted to flag him down, Hall reportedly sped past the officer, turning onto Curry, where he eventually was stopped. The officer reportedly smelled a strong odor of alcohol and spotted several closed bottles of beer on the passenger’s side floor board. Hall was asked to exit the vehicle and the field sobriety test took place.

Bud Hall, no address, was cited for possession of marijuana May 1 along West 9th Street. Hall first was observed with an open container of alcohol, and during a search, the officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana. When asked if he was in possession, Hall admitted to the substance located in a front pocket. In a separate incident, May 2, Hall was picked up on an active warrant at a residence on Wilbert Avenue.

A traffic stop May 10 along Walnut Street resulted in both William Hutchins and Amber Hutchins being arrested on outstanding warrants. A vehicle driven by William Hutchins, who first identified himself as Dante Hutchins, was stopped after he reportedly failed to use a turn signal. Hutchins reportedly could not tell officers his social security number or provide other information about himself and no information on him was discovered through dispatch. A short time later, according to reports, Amber Hutchins arrived on the scene, identified herself and stated the driver was Dante Hutchins. She was taken into custody on an active warrant, and following a search of the vehicle, in which pay stubs with the name William Hutchins were discovered, the driver was taken to ELPD. Upon arrival on station, William Hutchins admitted to his real name. He was cited for no turn signal, driving without a license and arrested on an outstanding warrant. Both individuals were transported to County Jail by a sheriff’s deputy.

Shanda Pipes, no address, a front seat passenger in a vehicle, was cited for possession of marijuana following a traffic stop May 9 along West 8th Street. Pipes was observed by officers inside the vehicle chewing after quickly placing something in her mouth. She told officers it was a cigar blunt, which officers found odd, and asked her to step out of the vehicle. Officers saw what was believed to be marijuana stems on her shirt and she also appeared to be hiding something in the cheek of her mouth. She was asked to spit out the item, which she did, placing it on the truck of the vehicle. It was reportedly discovered to be a large chunk of marijuana. Asked if she had anything else on her, Pipes admitted to a small bag of marijuana hidden in her waist line. Charles Lewis, no address, driver of the vehicle, was cited for no driver’s license, no head light and expired tags. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

Shaun D. Mattern, Prospect Street, reported May 13 his bicycle, left in front of his home, was discovered missing after he exited the house.