Columbiana County Sheriff Reports for 5-20

Heidi Weaver, Taylor Road, Negley, called Sunday to report a driveway dispute involving her brother, whose property is next door. She was advised this was a civil matter.

Kathy Allison, Riffle Road, Rogers, reported Saturday finding trash thrown on her property, and she found receipts and credit numbers among the trash. She was told they could not trace credit card numbers.

Laura Lewinsky, Hamilton Road, East Palestine, reported Saturday that last week’s storms left some debris and a fallen tree in her driveway, and a neighbor saw a county worker clearing the road two days before. A county official said the fallen tree was blocking the road and they were only able to remove some of it but they would be back to take the rest. Lewinsky said her neighbor was going to remove the rest of the tree since it was his.

Robin Dustman, Teegarden Road, Lisbon, reported Friday someone used her identity to make some online purchases, and she contacted the fraud hotline, her bank, the Social Security office and credit card companies.

A man who is staying at Big Arb’s Campground in East Rochester reported Sunday afternoon his wallet was either lost or stolen. He also believed children staying at the neighboring campsite might have been kidnapped. One of the children told him his mother had passed away, and the man said he watches a lot of TV and saw a show where the child claimed her mother was dead but had actually been kidnapped. A deputy determined that was not the case.