Columbiana County Sheriff Reports for 5-18

Maria Freile, Boardman, reported on Wednesday she was assaulted at a Camelot Drive home in Columbiana on Monday. Freile reported she used to date the resident there several years ago and they remained friends. She went to see him, and he allegedly grabbed her by the head and neck and attempted to strangle her with both hands around her neck. He also reportedly grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head backward into her car, which caused her to become disoriented. She later sought hospital treatment for injuries. The case will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

John Plavka, state Route 644, Kensington, reported at 7:49 p.m. Thursday he was allegedly assaulted by David Gromley at the Dairy Bar in Kensington. Plavka claims Gromley grabbed him by the throat and hit him. However, he did not want to pursue charges, he only wanted to get his things from Gromley’s house and leave. Deputies went to Gromley’s trailer behind the residence and both Gromley and a woman came out. Deputies smelled marijuana and asked who else was inside. Hearing someone else, deputies went inside and found Alec J. Hamling, 29, Minerva, who had warrants from Carroll County, Summit County and Stark County. Hamling was cited with possession of marijuana for two baggies allegedly found in his pocket. He was released to the Carroll County deputies.

Angie Dean, a manager of Squire Mobile Park, reported at 9:05 p.m. Thursday there have been problems with someone stealing from people in the park, and they wanted a man staying in trailer 11 to leave. Deputies explained if the owner of the trailer invited someone there, deputies could not stop them, but the manager could issue a paper telling him he is not welcome on the property.

John Coppersmith, Kelly Park Road, Columbiana, reported at 3:33 p.m. Thursday he received a letter from American Sweepstakes Network asking him to send $400 to get a prize he had won. Deputies told Coppersmith not to send any money because it was a scam.

Valerie Burke, Slater Road, Salem, reported on Thursday about 10 days ago someone smashed multiple mailboxes on Carey Road, including her mailbox. Someone also painted an anarchy sign on the stop sign at the intersection of Slater and Carey Roads.

Terry Otto, Laughlin Road, Lisbon, reported at 7:21 p.m. Thursday her neighbors, Rich and Scott McDonald, have cattle and they have been coming onto her property. Deputies spoke to Rich McDonald about keeping his cattle on his property and he told them he is in the process of fixing the fence and getting rid of some cattle.