Wellsville Police Reports for 4-13

While on patrol shortly after 2 a.m. April 9, officers observed an older male who appeared to be intoxicated attempt to enter the Busy Bee Tavern on Main Street, despite its being closed. The officer stopped, advising the man that the establishment was closed and suggesting he call for a ride home. The officer observed the man make a call on his cell phone and wait briefly on the sidewalk before stumbling across the street to a car. The man drove the vehicle, a Chevrolet Malibu, quickly down the alley next to the Fraternal Order of Eagles before he was stopped by police. The officer spoke to the man, identified as Donald Wallace, and asked him why he was driving. The man replied that he had called his girlfriend for a ride, but got tired of waiting for her. Wallace was arrested and cited for physical control while under the influence, weaving and no seat belt.

Police were called to the VFW Post 5647 on Main Street at 11 p.m. April 8 by the bartender to have a pair of males removed. Upon arrival, police found one male, Ray Parsons, leaving the establishment. He admitted to having punched the second male, Mark Croskey, who was still inside. Officers spoke with Croskey, who was intoxicated and had a cut on the right side of his chin and whose eyeglasses were bent. After speaking with witnesses, police arrested Parsons and charged him with assault. Due to his condition, Croskey was urged to make a statement the following day.